Friday, December 23, 2011

Playing RV Tech. and Engine Mechanic

More people have been leaving each day.

As most of you have experienced RVs seem to break at the worst times.

With so many RVs here and them having sat for a few months - undetected problems have shown themselves as the rigs are preparing to travel.

We have always been eager to help in anyway we can when the need arises.

I have found all of the experiences and lessons learned with our own motorhome to have come in very handy the last couple of days.

I have had the opportunity to work on and resolve problems ranging from electrical and hydraulic failures to engine issues.

It has been very rewarding helping to get people on the road and to see them not have to spend their much needed money to resolve an issue that has thrown their being with family and friends for the holidays as well as getting to their wintering locations in jeopardy.

Most issues have been fairly easy to resolve - the difficult part is diagnosing the cause of the problem.

I actually enjoy the challenge.

Not surprising - problems have happened on the older and the new RVs. Seems trouble has no respect for age.

It does surprise me some though that RV system design has not really changed much over the last 20 years.

The same concepts just newer components.

So far it has been mission accomplished on all RVs and nobody is still here that doesn't want to be.

There is a sense of satisfaction seeing those taillights going down the road!

Being able to help out sure feels good.

With that....

We want to wish everyone a safe, peaceful, and joyous holiday from our family to yours!

Ken and Nanette

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A day of good-byes.

As I wrote the other day there are workampers leaving everyday now.

This morning two couples left that we are going to miss.

Steve and Karen...thank you for the constant smiles and laughs. You guys were such a joy to meet and sure helped make some great memories.

We REALLY hope to see you guys again!

Dave and Maxine...the kids will never forget their first Geo Caching adventure that you took them on!

You both will remain in our hearts and Nanette will never forget the motorcycle ride Dave took her on...and what a beautiful motorcycle it was. Dave you also know of course you were feeding into an item on her Bucket List. :)

More are scheduled to leave soon - by this weekend only a few of us will remain.

As I have written before the greatest part of this lifestyle is the people that enrich our lives like nothing else.

We are sad at our parting but it is tempered with the certainty that...just down the road...around a few curves and hills...the next group of friends await us!

Our prayers and appreciation go with all of you as you also travel to meet your next adventure.

Ken and Nanette

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

San Antonio, Texas!

Some breaking news for you.
We are heading to San Antonio, TX in a couple of weeks.
The next stop on our big adventure...
Ken and Nanette

Monday, December 19, 2011

Watching as some of our friends begin to leave...

It is sad watching our workamping friends beginning to leave here as they finish their assignment with Amazon.

We have been a community of 50 RVs for the last few months and that number is dropping each day.

The destinations are so numerous as they fan out across the country for their winter spot or to be with family over the holidays.

A very few will be staying here, as we are, through the New Year and then off we will all go.

It is likely we will not have the opportunity to see some of them again...great memories will go with us though and there is always the chance we will see them down the road.

Just wanted to share that.

We wish them all a safe journey and know they have so many wonderful things awaiting them.

Ken and Nanette

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two new things I learned today.

I learned two new things today!

They were P1135 and AFR Sensor...

The first is the error code for the "CHECK ENGINE" light that is on our Toyota Highlander.

The second is WHY we have the P1135 code.  AFR stands for Air Fuel Ratio Sensor and it has to be replaced.

Oh there was a third thing...

It isn't cheap to fix!

I suppose it is good that I still have the capacity to learn...

...I can however do without the lessons preceded by a dollar sign.

Anyway -- we hope everyone is well.  We have our Christmas shopping done...presents all wrapped...and the challenge of keeping the biggest kid in the family from peeking.

Nanette does not do well with waiting to have people open their presents or her opening hers.

I try to help her by putting presents under the tree as soon as possible and making numerous observations about the size, weight and overall appearance of the drives her crazy!

I love the joys of Christmas...don't you?

Well time to go look up the how-to regarding my new found information from today...nothin' like a challenge!