Saturday, December 17, 2011

Starting to post - slowly.

We are going to begin posting again.

We probably won't be doing it every day since we are very busy these days before the holidays.

We are still in Campbellsville, Kentucky and have been for the last year. (share the story of that later)

We are still loving this lifestyle and have many stories and insights to share - which we will.

Looks like a move is coming for us in early January - as soon as we get final details we will let you know.

So far it looks like we will be getting to know the great state of Texas.

As for now - we are all happy and well.

We are more convinced than ever that going on the road full time was the best decision we ever made.

The experiences have been priceless and the anticipation of the next adventure fuels our imagination like nothing else.

We have been joined by so many that have chosen this style of living and with them they have brought a great collection of experiences and curiosity that is refeshing.

We have so much to catch you up on...and we look forward to sharing that over time.

Our hope is that you all are well and still finding happiness in the moments we are all afforded each day!

That is all for now - will write again soon!

Ken and Nanette