Monday, November 29, 2010

We are still kicking!

We are still here and doing fine.

I haven't come close to posting as much as I thought I would.  We are all doing fine and enjoying our time where we are.  I do want to post more and we have a ton of pictures we want to share.  The pictures currently reside on a camera and cell phones.  We just need to get them pulled off and posted here.

We are still working at the same place and have met some great people here.  We are certainly going to miss them a great deal when the time comes to leave in a few weeks.

There are so many interesting stories here among the different full time people.  From where they come from to how they came to be full time.  It shows that anyone from anywhere can take to this lifestyle and find enjoyment.

There are over 400 workampers here and even with this number we find ourselves with much in common with many.  The same joys, struggles and aspirations.  To sit around and talk when we get together is very refreshing.

There are few experiences that can't be found among the group - virtually any question that can be asked has an answer.  To someone new to this lifestyle it is a vault of information to draw from.

We will be here for a few more weeks then who knows what comes after that.  It is part of the adventure for sure.

It is beginning to get cold here in Kentucky with some nightly temperatures going down into the 20's but then warms back into the 50 during the day.

We even had snow on Thanksgiving -- it didn't stay long and the roads never got slick -- it was somewhat of a surprise to come out of work and see about 1/2 inch of snow covering everything.

We have a weekly get-together here on Saturday night -- a time for all the workampers in our location to get together and share the adventures of the week.  There are always some laughs and good food to be had and it is a time we really look forward to.

Nanette has taken on training some of the horses located where we are for the owner. They are all young Tennessee Walkers and are what is known as "green".  They are broken and can be ridden with a saddle, however, they are very inexperienced in what to do after the saddle and rider get on.

They have a tendency to "spook" easily at just about anything and when this happens they immediately take whatever action they deem appropriate to get away from whatever scared them.

It is this spooking tendency that makes these horses only for the very experienced rider -- a definition of Nanette's riding skills.

She is enjoying this opportunity beyond description -- she is at home and in heaven while in the saddle of these exquisite horses.  She looks so natural in the saddle and has the perfect demeanor for training these horses.

There are 28 miles of trails that the horses can be trained on here -- and the views and environment are stunning -- a horse riders paradise.

As for me -- I leave the training to Nanette although I have gone riding with here once and enjoyed the experience.  My inner thighs however did not! :)

So we continue our adventure -- even though we are not absolutely sure what the next phase will be.

We cherish the moments we are given.  Happiness exists in the small things still and we find the opportunities come with each new person we meet and each new conversation we have.

We want to thank all of you that have written to check in on us.  We do apologize for the lack of posting -- something that has become more difficult at our current location and our work schedule.  This time of the year is a very busy time here and we are taking advantage of the earning opportunities as they present themselves.

We have tried to keep up with your blogs as best we can and are very happy that so many are doing so well and truly enjoying all the wonders this lifestyle has to offer.

Until next time!

Ken and Nanette