Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wind and SIM Card Troubles.

We are riding out the wind here today. One of the campgrounds close to us had a high voltage line snap. We have not lost power here but have seen a few chairs and trash cans rolling by.

We love the campground we are at and we think it is the best place of all of them for us to be located.

In response to the comments regarding the freedom post that I made - we are firm believers in allowing people to share their opinion.

After all that is what we do.

Who is to say what is right or wrong?

The right to an opinion is however something we think is undeniable.

We tend to have very thick skin when it comes to absorbing negative comments. We have been around too long to take everything we read as credible.

So we will continue to share our little view on the world.

The one thing I want to state for what it is worth.

This lifestyle has proven to be the best thing we have ever done and have no intention to change direction.

It has exceeded our expectations in every way. Yes, we work as we always planned to. It is not a negative for us.

Each job we have had, including this one, has allowed us to meet people and experience moments that we would never had the opportunity to experience otherwise. 'Nuff said on that.

Nanette has been asked and has started to help train some of the horses here, For her - this has become paradise!

I have been asked to design and deploy the campground's new WiFi system. This is something that I love to do!

Regarding work...we are scheduled to work 4 days a week - 10 hours a day. However, due to the large number of workampers here (625 is the target) there is not enough work yet to work 40 hours.

They tell us that in a couple of weeks not only will we work 40 hours but up to 20 hours of overtime will be available.

It is good to be able to work up to those kind of hours. :)

I can only think that this kind of work makes cleaning fire pits and fixing picnic tables seem rather easy.

I know this - when we leave here we will be in much better physical shape than when we arrived.
I will also tell you that we will not hesitate to come back here next year.

So we are all doing fine and really enjoying all of this. The people we are meeting are simply fantastic.

We are learning so much from them. A few days ago we met a couple that came into our little campground that have been full-time for 16 1/2 years. Wow - I sat with them for a couple of hours - it was like opening a "full timing encyclopedia"!

Oh yes the SIM Card thing. Since I post with my Blackberry a SIM Card that works is a very important thing.

So when I got "SIM Card Rejected" at the top of my phone I realized this is a bad thing. I meant the mobile network was not going to let me on.

At that moment my Blackberry went from a high tech mobile communication device to a fishing weight and not a very good one at that.

It seems that my model of Blackberry has a history of doing this.

Well I won't be able to get it fixed until Wednesday when I can get to the phone store and get a new one.


Well I see the dark clouds of the storm front approaching from the west and I estimate the gusts at about 40 to 45 MPH - we are rocking a little but seem more stable than the neighbors. Don't know why for sure. :)

Well that is it for now!

Ken and Nanette