Saturday, September 18, 2010


We are still kicking and so too are the horses!

We are now in Kentucky and working.

We finished our assignment in Pennsylvania and made our way back to Kentucky.

Things are finally starting to settle down for us. We had to move to a different campground from the first one we arrived at here.

We are at a campground that is for horse riders that bring their horses - camp here - and use the state park here to trail ride.

We are a very short walk from our motorhome to the park trails.

Short like - 90 seconds.

They have stables here.

Stables - that you walk through to get to the laundry room.

A laundry room that the horses also walk through to get to one of the pastures.

Again - they walk THROUGH the laundry room! Right between the washers and dryers.

If you knew us well you would know this is our kind of place.

Just outside our motorhome's windows are the pastures - from which the horses that stay here keep us company.

Nanette is in heaven with this environment.

This campground is small but well equipped with everything we need

We have internet, cell service and we can hit the satellite. Yeah!

I must admit we are somewhat tired with all the working and traveling.

The kids?

Well this is paradise for them.

With the animals and the trails that they can ride their bikes on in the state park - they are happy!

Not so much with the fact home schooling classes having started again however

We are getting settled and very happy to be back "home".

Although come January we will be ready to roll to the next adventure.

For now we have a lot to explore - memories to make and another chapter before us to live in the full time lifestyle.

I will be posting regularly again and start filling you in on our adventures so far.

Until tomorrow.

Ken and Nanette