Sunday, August 8, 2010

Still Workin'...

We are still in Pennsylvania. Just thought I would tell you since with us we tend to move unexpectedly sometimes.

Since being here we have had a variety of opportunities presented to us.

Nanette has found herself alone in the store handling the administrative side of things here a few times.

Her experience in New York has served her and the owners well!

For me - well unexpectedly I have helped to fix two failed underground pedestal feed lines...helped fix a broken off water feed line (At Midnight)...helped to cut down and cut up a tree that lost a main branch overnight.

It has been a very good experience here for both of us.

The only downside so far are the available hours to work.

We came here with the owners telling us they anticipated 15 - 20 hours per week for each of us. We need close to 40 hours per week actually to have the income we need.

The owners knew this at the beginning and have done everything they can to give us every hour they can.

They are stretching so much it actually makes me a little uncomfortable.

I am not someone to ask for help easily or allow someone to go out of their way to help.

That's just me.

We have discovered that a rather coincidental series of events occurred for us to get this position and to have the hours we are getting.

We are going with the flow.

We have been asked back for next year here.

Of course for us this is a first -- as with everything right now.

We are thinking this over. The main thing for us is exactly what are the details of the offer.

We have agreed with the owners to have a sit down conversation in a couple of weeks to see what the details are.

We went up to a car show in a little town close to us yesterday - it was free and actually very neat.

A perfect day weather wise - a lot of great looking old cars and Hot Rods - free live music - and a lot of people to watch.

We all had some ice cream and sat on the grass in the park and relaxed.

We all had a much needed break from our whirlwind of events over the last couple of weeks.

Oh and I don't think I told you we have no internet or TV here.

The equipment for the WiFi is all here - it just needs to be installed. Perhaps a project if we come back - it is also something I know how to do. :)

All our blog posts are via my Blackberry when I have a signal. I apologize for any text spacing issues - sometimes there is an added line break or two that I don't see until after posting.

We can't get satellite here either - too many trees. :(

So that is our update for now.

Thank you all for your patience with our lack of posting. We try to get something out when we can.

Ken and Nanette