Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting Up To Speed...

We have been getting accustomed to the new campground and the operations here.

There are two things very quickly apparent.

The first is the relaxed atmosphere here opposed to the last one.

The second thing is how differently adversity is handled here.

When something happens that is a problem it is handled efficiently and with little fanfare.

These two things have made us very happy being here.

It is a totally different environment here.

The work -- we are very familiar with and knowing how to do the things we have been asked to do comes easily.

Our duties have been gradually expanding and it sounds like our responsibilities are going to increase even more next week.

Nanette and I have discussed the importance of the kind of environment we work within making a great deal of difference to us.

We know what we like and dislike in the "feel" of the work environment.

I think we have learned a lesson in what to look for and what to avoid.

We really do like it here and really like the people we work with and work for.

We were treated to dinner the other night with the owners.

We had a chance to discuss a number of things including our experiences and what we were looking for. They shared the same things with us.

It was interesting to have conversations at this level and it really developed a great foundation for our working relationship.

The other day we were asked if we would be willing to return next year for the entire season.

We would certainly like to return and the opportunity for learning would be great here.

We like the way they run things here and we see that they really know what they are doing.

Their operation philosophy matches our.

They have top notch employees here and it really shows by the quiet confidence that is shown throughout the operations of the campground.

While we did learn a lot from our prior assignment -- we like where we are so much better for many reasons.

With our inexperience at this workamping stuff we are of course still learning -- we do however already know what we like in the kind of people we associate with.

In this regard we have really been blessed with this assignment.

What appeared to be a negative event has turned out to be a very positive thing.

The timing was very interesting in all that happened.

There were people that left where we are now that made the opening for us. Once we arrived another person left that opened up more opportunity for us.

The last person that left had been here for 9 years. It appears the employees here stay here for a long time.

We see why.

That is it for today!

Ken and Nanette