Monday, July 26, 2010

A Quick Update...

As we told you we are in our new work location. We got a quick orientation as to where the closest stores are to us.

The first good news is they aren't an hour away. :)

The campground we are now at is called Brookdale Family Campground ( and it is located in Meadville, PA.

Which by the way is the home of Channel Lock Tools in case you may have been asking yourself if it was.

There are a number of things that stand out about this campground to us.

The first is how pretty the 62 acres of grounds are. There are 7 Fishing Ponds on site and it is a full service campground.

Another thing we see is that the activities list are similar to a Yogi Bear Park. However the pace of things is much slower than in New York.

In regard to the people we have met so far...

The owners Tim and Robyn are very nice people. They both seem very inviting and really are concerned that we are getting settled in and getting everything we need.

We notice immediately a different "feel" to this campground. The word that comes to us is "relaxed".

The campground we just came from was the opposite. It was a full throttle experience - all the time.

We kind of like it this way better!

We met our neighbors last night. They are the only other workamping couple here.

They have been workamping for 8 years and have a LOT of experience in all types and locations of workamping.

We spoke to them about our experiences. They told us this campground in their opinion is one of the very best if not the best they have worked at.

This is their second year here and this is the first time they have done that.

They also told us to not let the last experience discourage us. Then they shared a couple of stories of the "not so good" adventures they have had.

After what they shared with us and how they approached it we realized through dumb luck probably we did the right thing in how we approached things.

Great people and a great resource - what a blessing to be sitting next to them and getting to work with them. There is so much they can teach us by - well - by just being themselves.

I need to wrap this up so we can run up to the office this morning to turn in some paperwork.

We will share more later though.

Ken and Nanette