Friday, July 23, 2010

Breaking News!

We just now were offered and accepted a position at a beautiful campground in Pennsylvania.

We are already at our site and riding out a thunderstorm.

We will fill you in with much more tomorrow.

Thank you for the prayers...this. Is one prayer that was answered.

Also we want to thank one very special couple that even though the job didn't workout really went all out trying to get us a position!

It didn't take long to know this was a very good choice and meets our needs in many ways.

We find ourselves very tired -- a very long day but a very good day!

Until tomorrow!

Ken and Nanette

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We Are On The Road...

We find ourselves in Oneonta, New York this morning.  We awoke to a beautiful day!

Yesterday we packed up and got the rig ready to roll and were pulling out of North Hudson, New York at exactly 10 minutes after Noon.

It felt good to be on the road again actually.  Nanette and I were very tired since it takes a while to get a rig that has been sitting and being lived in for 10 weeks ready to roll.

We picked a Walmart in the town we are in now as our first destination.

When we arrived at the Walmart we were greeted with signs on each light post reading "No Overnight Camping Allowed".  So we scrambled for the campground directories -- focusing on cost of course -- and found a nice family run campground not far from the Walmart we had hoped to stay at.

It was a good choice -- a very peaceful evening -- the kids made a new friend -- something they seem to do very easily.

Of course they have become a very good judge of character under mom's watchful eye.  Something they learned in North Hudson.

As I sit here and type this it is 7 AM in the morning and we are still parked at our little campground.  I took a walk this morning going over in my mind our next moves.

Well actually I don't know our next move other than to hit the road later this morning and head west toward Ohio -- keep looking for work -- and see what the next pleasure this journey will bring.

Yesterday we got the great news that our employer for the winter -- in Kentucky -- that they could move our start date with them up from October 3rd to September 5th. We jumped at that!  I must tell you that they went out of their way to help us.

So that helps a lot of course.

We also found out -- thanks to Bill! -- that our old campground is back in operation.  How they pulled that one off is something I have to hear about.

I must tell you all something that we are still trying to absorb.

We are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support we have received from our readers.  We have people looking for jobs for us -- giving us encouragement -- adding us in their prayers -- and sincerely concerned about us.

Tell me how you go about thanking people for that adequately.

We are doing fine -- the kids -- well the kids are on an adventure just like us -- the difference is their adventure resets itself about every hour.  They have already been exploring here at this campground -- memories of the last one already fading.  Fading  within 24 hours???  Wow -- to be a child again!

As you all know we are looking for work to hold us over now until the first of September.

We are pouring over Workamper and the other job listing websites and forums -- we have sent out resumes to a few positions (which were already filled by the way ) we are also using our campground listing directories to contact campgrounds along the way as we slowly head back to Kentucky.  We will be making more calls today as well.

If we can just find something for about 6 weeks that doesn't cost us a mint in fuel to get to we will be in great shape.

We have received a lot of email speculating about what all really happened in North Hudson.  What we know is this -- we were told that due to finances there just wasn't enough work to support the large staff that had been assembled.  We were also told that we would be given the highest recommendation from the owners if they were asked.

That is all we DO know.  Of course there are always parts of the story that aren't known.  We accept what we were told.  That is all we can do.

So for now we look at the future -- the short and long term.  We are not discouraged regarding workamping.

Just the opposite really.

The experience we gained will allow us to work at virtually any campground in the country.  Of course there will be things different at each -- skills to learn -- but the basics we have now learned well enough that with practice we will get better.  We are familiar with the processes used in the running of a campground.

Oh and one more thing.  Some have asked why back to Kentucky so quickly.

We are not moving quickly at all.  I think yesterday we went about 160 miles of the 1000.   This pace allows us to see what we might find along the way.

The other reason for getting to Kentucky is that if all else fails we feel we would have the best chance of finding "traditional" employment through people we know there.

This is not our first choice but if it comes to that then we will do what is necessary.

So the adventure continues!

Do we enjoy being where we are at the moment?

Well maybe not the speed that we were thrust into the unknown.

...but sitting here right now this morning -- knowing of the friends and the supporters we have -- smelling the fresh morning air -- seeing the sun on the far away hills -- knowing everyone here is healthy, safe and sound -- being able to make our own decisions -- to me -- life is good!

There are events each day that happen that take choices out of our hands.  We have all been there a time or two I would suspect.

In our situation -- the only choice we lost was getting up in the morning  and working in North Hudson, New York -- that was it.

All the rest -- the really important choices in our lives -- are still up to us.

We know that whatever happens is for a reason.  Our beliefs tell us that everything will work out just fine.

To type the words "Thank you" seems inadequate to show our appreciation for all your support and assistance but that is all we can do at the moment.

So... Thank you!

Until tomorrow!

Ken and Nanette

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time To Sit Down -- Weird Turn Of Events!

Okay this is really strange to be typing but we wanted to let you know what just happened today.

We were just notified that our employment in North Hudson, New York is over -- effective immediately.

We will be leaving here heading for Kentucky sometime tomorrow morning.  We were  not suppose to leave until September 8th.

The thing is...we have no idea why.   The only thing we were told is that it is financial in nature.  The bad thing is it catches us at the worst possible time financially.

Right now we need your prayers!

This catches us with our funds very low and we are going to be scrambling to find income as soon as possible.  We are scouring the Workamping opportunities right now to see if we can find anything quickly.

We are certainly going to be limping back home and doing the free overnight thing as we head back. 

All those ideas and tips on how to travel on a little money as possible will certainly come in handy now.

The other thing we haven't figured out yet is -- where we are going to stay.  Remember the campground we stayed at over the winter?  We don't think it is even there any more -- if it isn't then there are few options right now.

Well -- we said it was an adventure...

Guess we were right!

We will keep you informed as things happen.

Ken and Nanette