Saturday, July 17, 2010

Into A Routine...Sort Of.

We have gotten into somewhat of a routine here. The shifts do change every week and that has taken a little getting used to.

At least now we know what hours we will be working the week ahead. Well that is if everyone shows up as planned.

If not, everything changes and everyone scrambles to fill in where needed.

Since we have been here we have had a number of opportunities to discuss with people our fulltiming lifestyle.

These conversations have come up the same way. We are asked if we live here in New York. We say "no" and the conversation begins.

Now we realize we are sitting in a campground talking to campers about living full time in a motorhome and would expect a high degree of support. Even with that the questions we receive are very good ones.

It is also interesting how many people have considered a change to the lifestyle.

We find our answers to the questions we are asked a good checkpoint sometimes.

It does make us think about the good and the sometimes not so good aspects of our lifestyle.

The not so good parts are very minor in the big picture.

This weekend is Mardi Gras weekend here at the campground.

So today we all put on our beads and hats and the fun began.

Next week is Christmas in July followed by Chocolate Challenge and Carnival Week.

Then we have two weekends in a row called Haunted Spook-Tacular.

Reservations are high for the remainder of the season actually with a lot to look forward to.

Then it is back to Kentucky for us.

We are looking forward to returning to Kentucky for a while.

Well time to get back to work!

We will see what tomorrow brings!

Ken and Nanette