Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Busy Week and The Inspectors Are Coming.

We got the word that some inspection teams were expected this week at the campground.

These were teams from Woodalls and Trailer Life to see what has changed from last year here and give their ratings.

Even though they were coming things actually went along as usual. The same priorities existed for work that needed to be done.

Having been through all types of inspections throughout my working career I am familiar with the process.

What I was happy to see was that the only thing driving the quality of the campgrounds appearance was the internal standards of the owners.

There was no "we better do this or that since the inspectors are coming". The things that we focused on would have happened with or without the inspections.

We have found the cost of living is substantially higher here in New York than our home state of Kentucky.

The two things that we see contributing to this are the higher tax rate and the fact that we are in a tourist / vacation area.

We anticipated a higher cost of living - although it is higher than we expected.

We have had to watch our budget carefully due to this.

Gas prices alone run about 15 to 20 cents per gallon higher for instance.

Just a little something to keep us on our toes regarding money.

The lack of cell service continues to be a big problem.

I did have a chance to speak to someone that camped here that had a Cell Antenna / Amplifier on their motorhome. They told me it would most likely do us no good here.

The lack of cell service in the Adirondacks area is well known and we are just lucky enough to be in a real "hole" where we are.

This coming weekend is "Water Wars". It is a well known event here at the park - and we have been told to expect to get wet - often!

There are a lot of people expected for this event and we are gearing up accordingly.

One comment on the bigger plan underway here.

We wrote about wanting to get experience in all the areas of campground operations. This goal is to allow us to build a resume of experience for later opportunities.

This part of the plan is going better than expected. We have had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the operation so far. There is of course more to come but so far the opportunities have been excellent.

There have been a couple of things I have been interested in learning and without hesitation the opportunity to learn was given to me.

As I write this it is pouring rain - the Adirondack air smells so fresh. There is a slight scent of pine in the air as the ground cover gets wet.

I am sure the clouds are laying on the mountain tops - as they always do when it rains.

The streams are filling and the flowers are getting a much needed replenishment of water.

I would find it hard to locate a better classroom at this moment - at least from a standpoint of a peaceful sensory environment.

The adventure continues - the journey is a one day at a time event - we continue down the path of discovery - and we are glad you are with us.

Ken and Nanette