Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day Off And Some Pictures For You...

We had a couple of days off. 

The first day was all about shopping and cleaning the RV.  We seem to find ourselves doing a lot of cleaning.  The bed of Pine Needles and the somewhat sandy soil contributes to this.

The second day we decided to do some exploring.

So as things tend to go with us we made the decision to find an easy trail to start with...the problem didn’t exactly work out that way as you will see.

So off we went...while driving around looking for a specific trail Nanette had found we had the great luck of meeting a New York Forest Ranger that was very nice and even more helpful. 

He gave us a great short version of backpacking in the area and told us the trail we had picked was a good one to start with.

He gave us directions to the trail since we had missed it when we first entered the area on our search.

What I have put together are some pictures in chronological order of our day...

So here goes...

DSCN1610This is a lake (called a pond in NY) that just happened to be on the side of the road as we were looking for the trail.  

DSCN1611 The same pond looking the other direction.

DSCN1609The day started out very damp with some sprinkles.  This is a picture I took of the mountains showing the type of weather we had.

DSCN1607 A little perspective of the height of the mountains.  The average height in this area is about 4000 feet high.

Okay I need to fill you in on something here...

See we were told of this place near where we were going hiking that made..well...the best pies in the world.

So...we found it...and Nanette went in...and scoped out the place then came out and asked what flavor we wanted.

Here is the pie BEFORE the unveiling.


Noon Mark is actually a mountain...this diner sits at the base of it.


We decided on an Apple Crumb Pie

After the opening...the smell filled the car immediately...and...Yes, it was amazingly good!!! Certainly in the running for the best in the world!

DSCN1615 We found the trail.  However, here is where we made the mistake.  You see the “Base of Falls”?  That was the easy trail we were looking for.  See the “Top of Falls -- Giant Mountain” -- this was not the easy trail we were looking for.  We didn’t know this however.  We chose unwisely!  We went to the left.

Due to this little mistake in decision making -- we got a lot of exercise this day.

Oh and we had some of that pie in the parking lot just before we entered the trail.  Also not the best idea -- but we would do it again -- you can only resist that smell so long! smile_omg


On the way to the trailhead Nanette spotted this tree.

Do you see the face she saw? 

DSCN1617 The beginning of the trail -- looks innocent enough -- right?

DSCN1620 More of the trail -- what you can’t see is that this trail went up and up and up.  It was a very difficult trail.

The next couple of pictures will give you a better perspective.

DSCN1649These were the falls we were going to the top of.  The little trees you see at the top -- about 50 feet tall.

DSCN1647This gives you a better idea of the “easy” trail we decided to take -- we went to the top of these falls.

DSCN1618 Back to the trail -- we found some of these along the way -- Nanette says they look like turkeys.

DSCN1619 More “turkeys”!


Some of the falls up close.


In case you are wondering if the water is cold -- just look at Nanette’s expression!  It felt like Ice Water she said.

DSCN1640 I nice close up of the falls.

DSCN1621This is a picture as we were exiting the trail.  This is the stream downstream of the falls we had just climbed to see.

From this point we went to the car...had some more apple pie...then went back to the RV and took a nap.

It was a good day!

Ken and Nanette

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick Update...

We continue to get our hands around this workamping thing.

The changing work schedules are taking some getting used to.

One of the reasons for this is that we are needed to cover certain activities and due to an injury to one of the workers things have to be arranged to compensate.

We still find the work enjoyable. There are still some things to learn but we are feeling more comfortable each week.

This last weekend I had a good share of the escorting and placing campers on their sites.

Let me tell you some words I heard a couple of times that made things interesting.

"We just got this thing and this is the first time I have to back it up."

Hmm...I thought. Then said "You will do fine - we will just take it slow.".

One of the things I learned was to tell the driver which way to turn the steering wheel - NOT which way to turn the trailer or motorhome.

This little difference made all the difference.

Things went just fine.

It is hard to express what it is like to have 100 rigs show up over a 4 hour period and the coordination required to get everyone situated while keeping traffic moving.

Oh - and each customer must always feel they are the only one that matters.

I can tell you it can be done - it just takes some practice.

There is a pattern emerging as to how things work each week.

Get ready for the weekend - receive the onslaught on Friday - provide customer service - take care of departures on Sunday - repeat.

The difference between the weekend and during the week is stunning.

We run full out for three days and then everything goes quiet for four days. This is the pattern.

We are all doing fine. We are in a period of assessing a lot of things and will share as time goes on and we reach some conclusions.

We are actually starting some planning for our trip back to Kentucky.

We made reservations the other day at a campground that doesn't exist yet. Now that was a first.

We do have another assignment that starts in October and goes through the end of the year. It is located back in Kentucky - that is where the non-existent campground is - well - will be.

A little later we will fill you in on all the details of that.

We are starting to look now for something from January until Spring.

That is all for now!

Ken and Nanette