Saturday, June 5, 2010

Schedules...Getting Settled and Already Thinking About Future Possibilities.

The rain has arrived for the weekend it seems.  It started late last night and is to continue throughout today and tomorrow.

This may be a challenge since this weekend we have the Boy Scouts here at the campground.  This is something new as well. The Boy Scouts are using the facilities to run Merit Badge Stations this weekend.

It should be a great experience to watch all of this unfold.

We have been working very different schedules over the last few days.  We have had some new teenagers and local people arrive to help with the campground over this last week and this has kind of thrown things out of balance some.
With training required and some inexperience on the part of the new people all the workampers have had to fill in the gaps from time to time.

I am not sure our work schedule will ever become predictable with all that is scheduled here at the campground.  Actually this is okay with us as the owners are very good at trying to keep our family situation in mind as much as possible.

We are just now starting to get settled here.  We went out and bought a very few things to make it more homey at our site.  A rug and a few personal touches to place outside here and there.

It has been such a blur for us up to now we haven't thought of such things actually.  It was time though to get a little organized.

We have been asked a few times from guests here how we do what we do.

This would be the...." live full time in your RV?" question -- followed by the..."How does that work?" question.

Can you imagine the conversation those two questions start?

We spent about 3 hours the other night sitting around a campfire with another couple talking about it.  It was a real question and answer session for sure.

If you haven't had this opportunity yet -- we highly recommend it!

At least for us we found ourselves answering ourselves as much as them.  It does push you into introspection somewhat as you formulate the answers.

As far as workamping and workamping here we are of course still learning.

We are learning both the inside of a campground operation as well as the dynamics of managing people in this environment.

To be totally honest with you I am still formulating what I want to share about all of this.  I assure you I will share it when the time is right and I have enough experience to feel confident in my observations.

By the way -- we have been the benefactors of having two long term full time couples on both sides of us.

We have learned a lot from them -- most of what they have shared confirms a lot of what we have read and heard already.  What makes the difference is to be able to discuss at length WHY the do what the do.

There are no surprises yet and really nothing earth shattering to share yet but it is just a nice confirmation.

It is also nice to have someone to ask when things come up.

Like dealing with the fact we are sitting under Pine Trees -- big ones -- that drip sap -- on everything!

It looks like we will be getting a cover for our car -- from their experience -- we will be glad we did!

We talked yesterday about where we want to be next winter.  It just came up in conversation.  The really interesting part is -- we realized we can be wherever we want to be if we work hard enough to find the right opportunity.

One of the key goals with where we are now is to build points on our resume -- getting experience with the different aspects of campground management as well as the positive recommendation of the owners here.

This is so we have more opportunities available to us.  It is somewhat difficult when you have no direct prior experience with some of the stuff are doing.  But while not having a lot we will now know the basics of what other owners are looking for.

Yep, there really is a plan in place.

We are beginning to formulate our wish list for the next opportunity.

There are so many -- Workamping as we are now...Caretaking Opportunities...more traditional short term types of jobs...etc.

We will share our thoughts as they develop on this issue.  The thing is we are learning a lot as we work here that will go into the next decision.

There is also the networking aspect.  As we work here we are meeting people that know people -- not to mention the connections the owners here have.

We have sat and listened as the owners here talk about other owner operators the know all over the country.
You never know where this might lead.

There is one annoyance I must share with you about where we are.

Cell Phones -- and the lack thereof!

We have no cell phone service here.

It seems we sit in-between cells here -- the only way we can get service is if my Blackberry is connected to our motorhome network.  This allows me to use something called UMA which is basically an internet based phone service.

So when away from the motorhome -- no cell phone.  Nanette's phone -- will not work period.

This is something we are not thrilled about as you might imagine.  I guess this is part of being in the middle of nowhere.

Well that is it for now...

Ken and Nanette

Monday, May 31, 2010

We Are Still Here...A Little Update.

The last few days have been very busy as you might imagine. 

On Friday night the people started coming...and coming...and coming.

It was an interesting experience getting everyone to their sites, moved in and leveled.  Probably the toughest part was the number of people arriving at once.  They were lined up to get in and as soon as you were through with one there was always someone else waiting.

This weekend has been a flurry of activity -- everything ran well -- at least on the surface.  Behind the scenes there were some mid-course adjustments here and there but the end result was the same.  Everyone had a great time.

One of the things I really liked were hearing all the compliments on the campground.  There were a lot of people that were very impressed with the changes and how smoothly things were running.

Little did they know what was going on behind the scenes.

Today will be departure day for the guests -- I need to get going since I start at 7 a.m. this morning.

I will get you all updated in more detail hopefully later today. 

There is so much to tell...I am curious myself as to what I will write as I take an accounting of our experiences over the last few days.

It has been a blur of sorts but -- I do have a good memory so I think I can paint a pretty good picture for you.

Until later!

Ken and Nanette