Friday, May 14, 2010

A Few Campground Pictures...Paradise Pines, North Hudson, NY.

Here are a few pictures of the campground we are working at...

This is a small view of the Schroon River that runs the length of the campground.

Schroon River At Paradise Pines

Looking in the other direction.  The campground goes around the bend you see here.  The fire you see is of the collected wood from the winter being burned.

Schroon River At Paradise Pines

Close up of the river.  It is crystal clear and at the moment -- Ice Cold!

Schroon River At Paradise Pines

A little of the beach and the river looking north.

Schroon River At Paradise Pines

3 of the 26 Cabins located at the campground.  These cabins are very  close to the river. You can see the tracks of the various pieces of equipment being run around getting the campground ready.

Cabins At Paradise Pines

A typical campsite grouping. There are many others but this gives you an idea of the basic layout in this area of the campground. Our motorhome is in this area - buried among the trees in the back of this picture.

Campsites At Paradise Pines

This was the first time out with the camera in a while so I am still getting all the settings down.  It was very overcast and actually raining when I took these.

I will take a lot more -- especially as soon as the rain ends.

Other than this Nanette did some laundry and I got the cameras out and charged up.

That was it...

I will get some more pictures posted soon.

Ken and Nanette

Gasoline...Baby Powder and A Day Off...

Yesterday was a "sensory rich" day!

You see it started out with helping someone refuel the tractor used for Hay Rides.

The funnel was put into to the fill hole and locked in -- then the gas can was lifted up -- then the gas started flowing into the tank -- then the lid on the gas can came off -- then I was covered with gas.

I immediately made a "No Smoking" sign and hung it around my neck!

So I smelled like a walking gas station. 

But not be worry there was more coming -- actually something that would help mask the gasoline smell.

I was asked to go to all of the bathrooms -- 10 of them -- and replace the batteries and the spray cans in the automatic deodorizers.

Simple process -- well sort of.

Now what I am about to write happened 10 times!  10!!!!

I replaced the batteries. 

I then replaced the spray cans. 

I then turned them on. 

Then 'Ol Ken got sprayed with Industrial Strength Baby Power Mist!

No matter where I stood or how I tried to hide I got a blast of the wonderful scent of a freshly changed baby's bottom.  I tried standing low -- I tried hiding behind the partition -- I tried standing to the side -- I tried getting higher than the spray head..

Apparently these particular automatic deodorizers are the newest innovation that incorporate both Heat Seeking and Proximity Detection Technology.

No matter where I stood that little rascal sought me out and gave me a measured dose of  "Man do you smell funny!" spray mist!

So now I  smelled like a Baby Changing Station located in a Refinery.

It was an interesting smell actually -- and it stayed with me all day. 

Actually I think it may have changed my olfactory area in my brain.

I think this because I still smell this wonderful aroma.

Actually it wasn't as bad I make is was worse!

The thing that bothers me the most is that this experience -- this entire event -- was actually self inflicted

I actually find it funny!

Then yesterday we were told that we needed to take a day off.  We started working last Saturday and we were headed for a 7 day stretch if we didn't take a day off.

So I get up this morning and my body says "Okay -- lets go!"  But there is nothing to "go" to.

I guess I  need to recalibrate my go-to program in the 'ol mind circuit.

Apparently Nanette has already done hers since I am sitting here alone and she is hibernating in the bedroom!

We are going to do some clean up in the motorhome today.  I also need to get a pad under the rear jacks -- we seem to be slowly sinking to China!

I am also -- are you ready for this?  -- going to get the camera out!

I know it is hard for one to believe but I really am!

It isn't like we have been asked for more pictures -- for like the last 5 months or anything.  I just think it is time to make sure it still works.

So yes, pictures are coming -- really they are. 

Now I have to get the batteries charged and it is raining but if all goes well by early afternoon I should be clicking away. 

Well actually there isn't a click because it is digital but there will be pictures taken if it is the last thing I do!

Thats it for the way...did someone just open a box of Pampers???!!!

Ken and Nanette

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Picnic Tables As Far As The Eye Can See and Ovens...Grrr...

Yesterday we moved picnic tables.

You know those things you sit on to relax and eat?

Well I found the "not so relaxing" side of picnic tables yesterday.

All the tables are moved up away from the river for the summer in case there is flooding.  Well yesterday we got to move them back down to the river and there are a LOT of them.

We used a Front End Loader to move them but they all had to be dragged out so we could get them on the forks of the loader.

Some were not so bad and some were made of solid lead -- at least they felt like it anyway.  We got about half of them moved to the sites but need to position them today.

There seems to be a few muscles I don't remember having this morning -- I know that I have them because they are sore.  It appears if nothing else I will find myself in much better shape at the end of this assignment.

Nanette worked in the store yesterday continuing to rearrange stuff and putting away inventory.

Each day there is something new to learn and all of these new things I think will serve us well later on.

When I finished for the day yesterday Nanette informed me the oven would not light. 

So I laid down on the floor to look at it.

I did this because I liked the laying down part!

It appears the (thermocouple) which is not really a thermocouple is not working.  So I got the part numbers and need to order a replacement so we can have bread and cookies and a bunch of other good stuff.

The pilot light is working  fine in both low and high modes but even though the flame is hitting the (thermocouple) there is no opening of the safety valve.

Now if I take one of the lighters -- you know the long ones -- and hold it on the (thermocouple) along with the pilot light hitting it the valve will open but within a few seconds of removing the flame of the lighter the burner goes out.

I checked the pilot light adjustment - which is behind the oven control knob -- which of course is nearly impossible to get to and it is already set to maximum height.  The pilot light is hitting the (thermocouple) perfect so it appears to be a worn out (thermocouple)

Now you probably just read more than you ever wanted to regarding RV ovens.

I wouldn't care about the oven actually but I really like the things Nanette pulls out of there to eat!

Thank you all for the comments on the couple of pictures I posted -- we received all of your requests for more and will try to get those for you.

It was funny...we actually received a number of specific requests for pictures so it makes it a scavenger hunt of sorts to fill the requests.  It will be fun!

Well I need to get ready for the day but wanted to share a few things with you.

Stay tuned!

Ken and Nanette

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Couple Of Pictures and Another Day Of Getting Things Ready...

This evening we made a quick run into town to buy a couple of things and then drove around a little.

The town we went to is called Schroon Lake.  Pronounced Sk-roon Lake.

Here are a couple of pictures of some homes on the  lake that we thought were interesting.  There were more we wanted to get pictures of but we ran out of time and light.

We will get them next time we make it into town.



Then we found this really big chair...


Nanette and I had another very busy day as she worked to get more cabins ready for renters and I continued to get things cleaned up as well as doing some work on the pool.

It looks like we will be painting around one of the two pools in the next few days so I am preparing the surface for that.

We had Propane delivered today -- they have a number of propane tanks on the property as well as a filling station.

When the propane truck arrived the owner had them come to our motorhome and fill our propane tank.  Very nice of them to do that.

We also had some arcade machines delivered today and moved into the game rooms.

Tomorrow we will begin positioning picnic tables along the beach campsites -- the campground sits on the Schroon River.

I still want to get some pictures of the campground but they tell us it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow so I may have to wait for better weather and light.

Hopefully in the next few days I will get our satellite dish up and working.

We have been so busy that we haven’t had time to take care of a few things we need to do to get settled but we will get to it.

We received an email from our friends that got stranded in our old campground. 

They made it out and are in North Carolina for a while. 

They said that the river rose at a rate of 2 feet per hour.  That may not sound like much -- but for the Kentucky River that is incredibly fast and very dangerous.

Thank goodness they are now safe and sound.  They did sustain some damage to their RV -- not sure what or how but it happened during the fast move they made.

Hopefully I will get some time in the next couple of days to give you more details on the campground we are at.  For the most part right now we get home -- have some dinner -- watch a little TV -- and then go to bed. 

I am sure we will get into a much better rhythm within a few days.  We really hit the deck running when we got here so we have not had a lot of free time yet.

We want to tell you all how much we appreciate the emails and comments.  It means a lot to us having your encouragement and insights based on your own experiences.  We truly mean this!!!

That is all for today!

Ken and Nanette

Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Workamping Couple Joins Us and A Long Day.

We had another workamping couple join us today. Mike and Sherry came in to work with us this season.

One interesting thing is that all of the other people here are returning having worked here before. This makes it nice since they know what and how things need to be done.

This offsets us having no clue!

Today we had a hard day moving decks that had been stored for the winter into their staging location. These deck sections are very heavy and required using a backhoe to move.

We also setup a couple of decks and leveled them. Very interesting process and a very nice perk for the campers here.

Nanette continued to help rearrange the store and got initial training on how to ready cabins for the incoming renters.

I am getting familiar with the campground's infrastructure which is extensive.

I know that we will be trained in all areas of operation but there is just too much to expect to know it all by the end of our assignment.

Opening up a campground of this size and complexity is a big job and takes a lot of experience. I do know by the end of this assignment we will know for sure how much we don't know.

We really like the people we work with and the owners. It is easy to see why people come back here to work.

The one thing I would tell someone that was considering working here is that you will work. It is fun and the owners are very generous with things to eat and other nice little things they do for the workers.

I had hoped to get some pictures but with the pace of things today that didn't happen. I will get them though just bear with us as we are still getting settled.

It was a long day but it is nice to see the results of our work. At the end of the day today the owners were very happy with what was accomplished.

The pools were opened today by a service company. From now on though it is up to us here at the campground to keep them clean and sanitary.

Nanette and I are on a very steep learning curve. It kind of wears you out having everything you do be the first time you have done it.

We are wondering still what it will be like when this place is in full swing. I am looking forward to having guests arrive and take advantage of all the things we are getting ready for them.

Well that is it for today.

We wanted adventure and I think we landed square in the middle of it!

Ken and Nanette

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cleaning Up and Eating A Lot.

Yesterday we did a little work around the campground.

They are rearranging the store for this year, I am surprised at the size of the inventory at the store campground - especially the amount of RV Accessories.

It is kind of like a kid in a candy store for me!

I did a little carpentry work for my first day - installing wall panels to hold hangers on the walls in their new RV Accessories Room.

Nanette learned the Campground Manager Software and helped Gina put up newly arrived clothing inventory - very nice stuff by the way.

We needed to go food shopping so we headed to a recommended store that is about 45 minutes away. We found that the food prices here in New York are about 20 percent higher than what they were in Kentucky.

We loaded up with food and got back just in time for the potluck.

Speaking of eating - they like to eat here.

As we were working today Gina comes out and tells me lunch is ready.

Lunch is ready?

Seems they grilled out and fixed lunch for everyone. I didn't know that was coming.

Then they tell us there is a potluck later in the evening.

Yep, getting enough to eat isn't a problem here.

It is becoming evident to me that this campground has a lot of facets to its operation.

It is a full service campground in every way. Store, full food service, a bunch of activities, boat rental, full propane service, two swimming pools, cabin rental (26 of them) RV rental, and much more.

Mike told me yesterday that we can expect 120 check-ins a day on Fridays and Saturdays once the season really starts.

Even though we have been here a couple of days we still haven't seen the entire campground.

We found out yesterday that this area is going to be great as a history lesson for the kids schooling. We will write more about that later.

Well I think I will end the post here. I am hoping to get started on some picture taking later today for you.

Stay tuned!

Ken and Nanette