Friday, May 7, 2010

We Are In North Hudson, NY!

Due to the weather forecast for tomorrow we decided to drive through to North Hudson, NY the site of our Workamping assignment.

We had a fairly easy drive but it was long -- 7 hours long -- but we did stop for lunch.

Actually now that we are here we are glad we decided to go ahead and get up here.

It is a beautiful campground and in a amazing location.  It is situated on the banks of the Shroon River.

The campground is just now coming alive with a lot of work to do to get it ready for a big wedding in a couple of weeks and then the Memorial Day Weekend.

From what we saw today this should be a lot of fun.  They have A LOT of activities for kids -- both big and small.

We had a chance to sit around the campfire with the owners for a while tonight and I think we are going to fit right in.

Lets just say there was a lot of laughing going on!

Mike and Gina are the owners and they are the kind of people you just have to meet to appreciate.  They have been in this business for 19 years and it is quickly apparent they have seen it all.  They were sharing some storied about what we can expect from some of the campers from time to time.

It should be interesting to say the least!

While it is obvious this campground is a high activity place Mike and Gina having been at it so long that they are laid back in their own way.  They have clearly decided that going with the flow is the only way to survive.

They gave us suggestions regarding shopping and what is in the area.

They knew we had changed our plans quickly and traveled all day so they asked if we needed food.  I was surprised at this actually.  So in my unique way of making friends and influencing people I told them we had no food, that are kids were hungry and that we would really like steak and lobster.

To this Mike says "We have that!"  The thing was -- he was serious!

Yep, I think we will fit in just fine.

Tomorrow we will start getting our feet wet regarding the facilities and start some training on the various areas of the campground operation.

Gina repeated that by the time we leave we will be able to fill out our resume with experience from every area of campground operations.  She feels this is something they can do for us that will serve us well as we travel and work.

Tomorrow we will get some pictures for you so you can get a look at where we are.  As we came in on the interstate we got a look at why people come to this area.  The Adirondacks are breathtaking to look at.  It is just one big park!

Well we are beat from our day of driving but it feels so good to be in our home under the big pine trees here.

So I think I will end my post for today here but tomorrow I am sure I will have plenty to write about.

I gotta say -- this is very cool!

Ken and Nanette

Getting Ready To Leave for Bainbridge, New York...

Just a quick post...

We will be leaving for Bainbridge, New York shortly.  The campground we are to stay at is called Tall Pines.

We are watching the weather closely though -- the winds for tomorrow (Saturday) are forecast to be sustained at 20 miles per hour with gusts to 40 miles per hour plus and as the day goes on those gusts are expected to hit 60 miles per hour.

Of course we will not travel with winds at that level even though if it is a tailwind there would be definite advantage in gas mileage!

So we are considering driving through to North Hudson today.  The problem with that is we are looking at a 6+ hour drive.

I think we will see how we feel as we get down the road a couple of hours.  With the forecast I see I really don't think we will be going anywhere tomorrow unless we leave VERY early in the morning.

Although we are expected in North Hudson tomorrow delaying a day getting there is not a problem.

Nanette found this picture on the internet of the flooding of our winter campground that we left on Saturday...

They should be out of there now with the river having gone down.  However, when they got to this point the river was still coming up.  Not a comforting feeling I am sure.

We have lost contact with our friends in the 5th wheel in front with the black truck.  We are hoping to hear from them soon.

That is it for now -- onward we go!

Ken and Nanette

Thursday, May 6, 2010

From Bath, New York...

We made it in to Bath, New York yesterday evening.

Yesterday I fought the wind all the way here.  It was below the maximum that would have forced me off the road for the day. 

Even at that it was gusty and with the winding interstate it kept changing the direction it was hitting our motorhome.  Also we were driving through the mountains -- well not like the mountains out west but New York calls them mountains -- so the winds were unpredictable.

Driving in conditions like this really wears on you after a while.  There is no time to relax your focus so I was pretty much at attention the whole way.

By the time we got here to Hickory Hill Campground I was done for the day.

We noticed very few RVs on the road yesterday opposed to the previous days when they were everywhere.  I suspect the windy conditions have a few of them sitting.

I picked up some CB talk from two 5th wheels coming from the opposite direction talking about 50 miles per hour being their maximum due to wind.

The day before yesterday right after we arrived at Evergreen Campground we drove over to the Lake Erie shoreline and Nanette and the kids had a great time just looking for rocks and shells as well as playing in the “sand”.  It isn’t sand like on the ocean but very finely ground up shells with a little normal sand mixed in.

So we are here at Hickory Hill Campground. 

This campground is like the last one in that it is 90% full of seasonal RVs and Park Models.  This campground is huge!

We thought it was big when we first got here -- then we found the other 2/3rds of it.  Wow!

We needed to get on the internet for a business thing and when our Pep Wave Surf reported back the Access Points it found there was 18.  That is 18 access points just in this campground.

In all fairness to this place they just opened on May 1st so they are going full speed getting things ready for the season.

Not everything is open of course but we can see what pulls people here.

It sits in a valley and is a beautiful location -- with the facilities we see we can tell this place is one big activity center.  They have places for stuff to be going on all the time.

We wish we were here a little later to see this place in full operation I am sure it is something to see.

We had thunderstorms and very heavy rain last night. 

Nanette and I went outside and watch the lighting way off in the distance as the storms came in.  They came in over a mountain so we couldn’t see them but we could see the sky light up all around us with no thunder.

I have some thoughts about this traveling thing.

Getting from place to place is kind of fun -- although due to the weather conditions I don’t have much sightseeing time since I have had to really concentrate on the road.

The weird thing though is this... 

Even though we are traveling to different locations when we come inside our motorhome it is home.  In other words if you closed all the shades it looks just like it did in the last location.

The feeling of taking your home with you is comforting every night but there is a loss of perception of being in a different place geographically until you go outside.

When you go outside it is a very interesting feeling being in a completely different environment.  The sights, sounds, smells and even the sky all are different and refreshing.

This to us is the absolute best of both worlds.  To be in a familiar bed but having that bed on Lake Erie on day and in the mountains of New York the next.  Very cool!

The other thing I love is that everything we need is right under our feet no matter where we stop.

We stopped at a scenic overlook yesterday.  Well not very scenic actually but it was a place to get off of the interstate. 

We stopped  -- fired up the generator to cool off the motorhome -- Nanette made us a great lunch -- we all used the “facilities” -- and then just relaxed.  This to me is really a great way to travel!

We are at the present campground for tonight as well so we are getting a much needed day of rest.

We found some video of the mess at the campground where we wintered. 

It seems they got all the RVs out of the campground but they are now stranded as the water came up too high and too fast to get them all the way out.

Do you remember the old bridge I took pictures of?  

Well they are stranded on the old entrance ramp to that bridge.  With the river having flooded between them and the campground exit road.

They are in a real jam right now.  We are not sure when the river will come down enough for them to get out.

I am thinking the campground is a total loss. 

The shower/laundry building is totally submerged.  The office can’t be seen it is so far under water.  I can only imagine what damage has been done to the electrical, water, sewer lines and the water treatment plant which is also totally submerged.

It seems we got out about 12 hours before all of this happened. 

Our prayers are with the people we know well that are stranded with no way out and the owners who worked so hard to have what they had.

Below is the link to the video if you want to take a look at the local news coverage taken from a helicopter.

It is at the very beginning of the video -- all those RVs you see on the bridge -- those were our neighbors. 

The big 5th wheel in the front with the black truck parked by it was our next door neighbor.  They emailed us just after they got stranded where they sit now.

Here is the link...

Campground Flooded -- RVs Stranded

Well that is all for today -- tomorrow we head to Tall Pines Campground in Bainbridge, New York!

Ken and Nanette

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Ready To Pull Out.

We made it to Evergreen Campground last night.

Big campground with mainly full time RVs parked but not occupied.

They only have a few sites for travelers to stay,

The sites are all side-by-side.

If there were another RV beside us I could easily open my driver's side window and pass them a cup of coffee!

The problem with this campground is that it sits right next to I-90.

The traffic noise is constant when outside. While inside not so bad but you can still hear it.

The other thing is they charge for everything here. Nanette and I are included in the rate but each child cost extra. It costs to take a shower which we don't need since ours is fine to use but still.

We seem to be learning what not to find in a campground!

We are hoping this next one is nicer than so far.

Today is our longest leg of our trip. We will be staying two nights in the next campground so we will be able to fill you in more on our next post.

Sorry so short but I need to start our pre-flight check list.

I will post again this afternoon after we get settled in Bath, New York at Hickory Hill Family Campground.

Everyone is doing fine just a little road weary.

Stay tuned!

Ken and Nanette

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From West Salem, Ohio...6 Not 8...and The Water Came!

We are at our 2nd campground - Town and Country Camp Resort in West Salem, Ohio

It is kind of different as it is pretty much full of full time RVs parked here. No people just RVs that are here year round.

I suppose they use them like summer cabins.

Last night we were at Stonelick State Park. We were pretty much the only ones there.

We had no internet or cell service.

The park was okay for staying a night but that was about it.

It rained all night so we were stuck inside.

This morning I checked the torque on the wheels since we had traveled about 150 miles since I had removed all the wheels for the new tires.

All the lug nuts were tight but still a good thing to do after a removal of wheels. They are good now for another 500 miles.

We did have one obstacle that we had to deal with.

Since leaving our winter campground the engine on our motorhome has had a significant loss of power.

I had a friend help me do a tune up including a fuel filter change but that made no difference.

My suspicion was a vacuum leak of some sort so today we stopped and went on a search for a leak.

While I was doing this Nanette was right in the engine with me and she found a wire that was disconnected.

Before we were done searching she found two wires that were disconnected.

They were kind of important wires since they went to the fuel injectors on 2 cylinders!

Yep we were running on 6 cylinders instead of the 8 we had.

I attached new connectors and reconnected them and we were back to full power!

Whoever said women can't work on engines needs to talk to Nanette.

Remember the campground we had stayed at all winter?

Well we got a call today from a friend of ours in Kentucky, named Bill, wanting to know where we are.

The reason he was asking was because...

That campground is now under about 14 feet of water!!!

They had to get everyone out of there as the Kentucky River flooded.

I was shocked when he told me how bad it had flooded. It would have been close to the top of our motorhome if we were still there!

Tomorrow I want to share my thoughts on this traveling thing with you.

Right now we have pretty much had it for the day.

We are all doing fine and enjoying the trip -- a little tired though.

Now that we have our engine issue resolved and the weather has improved we can relax.

We are really looking forward to tomorrow as it will be an easy day of travel.

We will try to get some pictures posted as soon as we have something worth taking pictures of.

We knew these first two places were just for places to spend the night. From this point on though we think the campgrounds will be much different.

We want to say thank you to all of you that have written wondering how we are doing.

Nanette and I were talking today about how nice it is to have you all concerned about us and interested in our adventures.

Knowing this really makes us feel good!

That is it for today.

Ken and Nanette