Saturday, March 27, 2010

Basketball...The Wind Came...and A Purchase Or Two...

We actually stayed up and watched the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball team play last night in the NCAA Tournament. 

The game didn’t start until after 10 PM but we made it through it.  Well I did -- it was kind of really quiet over there on the other side of the bed though.  I suspect Nanette was snoozing.

Kentucky defeated Cornell to advance in the tournament and now will play West Virginia.

About 2 AM this morning we were awakened by whistling.

This whistling was coming from one of the widows in our bedroom that hadn’t been closed tight.

We were also getting hit hard by wind that apparently was ahead of a cold front.  Actually I think it was the strongest winds we have had since we have been here.

We were really rocking! Eye-rolling

The wind would die down for a few minutes then slam us broadside.  Kind of hard to sleep when that is happening.  Well for me it was. 

Nanette on the other hand never moved once we closed the window.

The temperature dropped to 31 degrees and the winds continued all day.

So it was a great day to remove the skirting. Sarcastic

Well not really but it has to be done.  I started on the front and worked my way around the sides.  I got about half of it removed before I had enough of the cold.  I will finish the rest tomorrow.

It was actually kind of strange to see the wheels again.  We have been looking at the skirting for 3 months now.  I guess this thing is really mobile.

I have a couple of items I am going to purchase that I think will be good additions to our home on wheels.

One of them is this...


Craftsman 1.5 gal. 150 PSI Air Compressor

This is something I have wanted to add to the motorhome for a while.  Now with our 900 mile trip pulling our boat -- I think it is a good time to get one.

This compressor has received very high ratings from people that have them for their Rvs.  It has plenty of capacity for RV tires and can be stored easily. At $99 it isn’t a bad deal at all.

The other thing is this...


King Controls "Jack" - RV Digital Antenna

I have been reading about this antenna for a couple of months now and appears to be a substantial upgrade to the standard “crank” antenna.

The only problem is this antenna isn’t going to be available for a couple of weeks yet.  It is a direct replacement for the head we currently have.

At $44.99 still a reasonable price plus it kind of looks like that ray beam thing from War of the Worlds.  So maybe if someone annoys me I can aim it at them and make them wonder!

So tomorrow the list rolls on and if things go well I will get setup to pull the wheels to get the new tires. 

After that I have one other thing that I need to fix and that is the small coolant leak I noticed when we got here.

The problem with that is -- I am not sure where it is coming from.  I suspect the bottom radiator hose but it is very hard to see anything in that location so I will be on a search mission first.

I am feeling back to normal now with that stomach issue finally over.

We want to thank everyone for taking the time to comment on our posts or send us an email.

We have received some emails regarding how we are feeling now about the workamping position we have accepted.

We are eager to get up to New York to see what it is like. 

There is a little bit of normal anxiety with getting up there but that is to be expected.

We are driving to an area we have never been to before with the RV.  We always wonder what the roads will be like and traffic congestion and things like that.

With taking our time getting there we think that things will go just fine.

We have no idea what the jobs will be like but we are not concerned about it really.  I expect it will be pretty hectic at times and that we will learn a lot.

We are already looking for the next opportunity. 

With it going to be winter we expect we will be somewhere warm for the winter.  That will be better than what we went through this last winter. 

At least we know we can do it and have learned what needs to be done to stay comfortable.

As we get closer to the time to leave I am sure we will have more thoughts to share.

That wraps it up for today.

Ken and Nanette

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Posting From My Blackberry and Feeling Better...

I am making today's post from my Blackberry.  It may be a little shorter than usual but I will chalk it up to testing.

I want to test this method of posting to make sure I can post while we are on the road when I may not have internet.

I also think it will allow me to update more often as we are workamping.

It rained all day today so it was an inside day. I worked on more trip planning today.

We are deciding where we will stay on the way to New York.

I think our first day of traveling will be relatively short since we are not going to be in a hurry.

The other reason is to not wear everyone out since we haven't traveled for a while.

I expect towing the boat will not be too bad but it may prove to be somewhat tiring since I have never towed it with the RV before.

I have towed it all over the country behind a truck though but it will be very different this way.

We went over more things that we have to get done before we leave.

One of those things is mail forwarding.

I think we are going to use the local UPS Store and setup a mailbox. We have read that some people have had less than great service with UPS but others love it.

For us, we like the local address since we are going to keep our domicile as Kentucky, at least for now.

The other thing is banking.

We are going to stay with our current bank since we will be paid through Direct Deposit. I checked out the ATM machines located close to where we are going and there are plenty close by.

There is also a Wal-Mart about 15 miles away so in a pinch we can always get a check cashed there.

We pay every bill except for groceries and gasoline online so we write very few checks anyway.

We expect we will learn a lot on this first "on the road" experience and can make adjustments based on what we learn.

We feel this is just part of the adventure and once we get the hang of it we think things will go smoothly.

We were also discussing the need for internet connectivity on the road.

We are going from WiFi here in the campground to WiFi in the new campground so we see no reason to spend the money on an aircard right now.

We will just use my Blackberry for our Email, Facebook, and Blog while on the road.

We are going to really concentrate on getting everything done for traveling to New York over the next two weeks

I REALLY want to have a couple of weeks with very little to do before we pull out.

We will see how that works out.

As I type this I hear the rain on the roof - it is making me sleepy.

I am feeling much better.  Thank you for all the get well soon wishes -- it helped!

Tomorrow the skirting that helped keep us toasty warm this winter comes off our motorhome.

I will also start pulling the wheels for tire replacement. We have three that need to be replaced.

I wonder if I will be able to stay up late enough to see Kentucky play tonight at 9:30 in the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

If this rain keeps up -- it is doubtful!

Well I guess that is all for today.

Ken and Nanette

I Didn’t Think She Would Take Me Seriously!

First of all -- in case you are wondering why there was no post early yesterday it is because some bonehead hit the Post Scheduling button.

Live Writer therefore thought it wasn’t suppose to post to the blog until 5 PM yesterday.

I wondered why I didn’t get notice that the blog has posted.  It didn’t dawn on me though.

We think we may have a few people that read our blog daily because I got a LOT of emails asking if I was okay since there was no new post on the blog.

Thank you for your concern but it was just a case of me needing to reboot my brain!

Now the post for today...

A beautiful day today -- Sunny and 72 degrees!

Me on the other hand -- not feeling so beautiful. 

Still battling the stomach thing.

So this morning I told Nanette that we needed to get a picture from up on top of this...


Without the ice and snow of course...looking down on our motorhome.

So...she takes off...but I wasn’t really serious!

3 hours later she arrives back at the motorhome with these...


It takes a minute to orient yourself but you are looking about 300 feet down from the top of the rocks in the first picture.

That little white thing -- right center -- is our motorhome.  If you look carefully above the motorhome you can see the river behind it.

It just so happened I was sitting outside.  So she zoomed in and got this...


If you look very closely dead center in the picture we will see a green thing with a red thing sitting on it. 

That red thing is me on the picnic table with the motorhome to the right.

You can’t believe how hard it is to get to where she did to take these pictures.

It isn’t like you just get out of the car and walk up and take it.

You have to park a couple of miles away and break through the brush to get to this spot -- no trails!

So while I am down there sitting on my rear...

Nanette is making like Indiana Jones and Lewis and Clark all at one time!

If I could bottle her energy and sell it -- I would make a fortune.

Of course not to be outdone by a woman...

I actually did pick up a cleaning cloth and some cleaner and did some cleaning on the motorhome.

That wiped me me out so now I am just doing nothing.

I don’t do being sick well.  Keeping me still and resting doesn’t happen.

I am sure I will feel much better tomorrow!

See you then!

Ken and Nanette

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Hitch Work and Feeling A Little Under The Weather...

Today started out very chilly here -- it took a while to warm up enough to get outside.

Once it did I did some work preparing our motorhome for towing our boat.

It was setup for towing a car.

The first thing I had to address was the hitch height. 

The boat trailer will actually be lower than a car.  I needed to configure some dropdown stuff to match the ball height with the trailer tongue height.

This didn’t take long actually since I already had the components I just needed to put them together and make sure I had a match.

The other thing I had to do was to convert the Round 6 Receptacle that is on the motorhome to the Flat 4 connection on the boat trailer.

This was easily accomplished with a neat little adapter that does exactly what I need. 

I did have to lengthen the wiring on the boat trailer wiring due to the receptacle height on the motorhome.

After I got this done I went through the entire hitch system and checked all the bolts for tightness and took a very close look at all the welds to make sure there was no cracking.

Everything was tight and all the welds look very good with no undercuts or cracks.

Now the motorhome and boat are ready to be hitched up, the lights given a final check and we are ready to go.

After this -- I began to feel really awful. Tongue out

I think I have a stomach thing of some sort.

I do know that once it hit me -- I was pretty much down for the count and finished for the day.

I did want to get a post made to out blog though.  I have committed to myself to post everyday.

Which I am wondering I will be able to when we are on the road to New York.  Hmm...I will need to make sure I find a way.

Well I apologize for cutting it short tonight but I am going to call it an early night and try to get some rest.

It doesn’t look like I will even make it to the RV-Dreams Chat Room tonight. Sad

I have to get feeling better though.

I still have a sizeable list to get through. 

I am getting stuff done everyday though and I think we will be ready to go a couple of weeks before our departure date -- which would be really nice!

That’s all for today...

Ken and Nanette

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trip Planning and Time Marches On...

It rained today -- again.  So it gave us a good opportunity to take a look for the first time of the trip we are going to make to North Hudson, New York in late April.

We pulled out the Trailer Life Directory and fired up the navigation software on the computer.

There appears to be 4 primary routes we could take to New York.

Since we are pulling our boat with our RV the route we chose will take that into account.

One route is due east to Charleston, West Virginia then north.  Having traveled that way before I chose not to tangle with the mountains between Charleston and Clarksburg, West Virginia.

The second is due north to Ohio, along the southern edge of Ohio to Wheeling, West Virginia then north -- still a little too hilly over there.

The third and most suggested is to go north to Cincinnati, Ohio then on up through Columbus, Ohio to the south shore of Lake Erie and across to New York.  The only problem with this route are the toll roads.

The last route was one that our navigation software came up with.

The software we use allows us to use settings to avoid certain things and to set preferences of things we want.  It also allows us to make a “truck” selection which is for semi use.

The route it selected was the northerly route through Cincinnati and Columbus but has us turning onto highway 17 before we get to Lake Erie so this eliminates the toll roads.

Well...we got kind of mapped out so we will take a much closer look at this 4th route tomorrow.  At first glance it looks like a good one though.

After the trip planning thing we did pretty much nothing else.


I want to close today’s post by thanking everyone that responded to yesterday’s post regarding my brother.

There were a number of people that wrote that the early loss of a loved one or a friend makes one realize the importance of living life to the fullest.

To make every moment count in other words.

I completely agree with this philosophy!

For those of us that are full time now or are in the process of going full time or on extended travel isn’t this one of the main reasons we are doing it?

It used to amaze me how much time would go by sometimes and I would wonder where it went.  There seemed to be nothing memorable that had happened during that time.

When time goes by like that -- those days are gone forever.  Never to be reclaimed.

I think that to live life to the fullest is not a passive activity.  It is something that we must pursue with purpose.

It seems that life today will get us so wrapped up in “taking care of life” that the “living” of life gets lost.

I also think it takes a conscious decision each day to find that moment -- that event -- that person -- that makes those memories that really matter happen.

There is something called “Human Agency”.  This is basically the “doing” of a thing.  The execution of the plan or activity.

To dream and set out on that dream without applying the Human Agency to make the dream a reality is to lose the dream in the end.

There are times for us still today that we have to slowdown and make the time to seize the opportunities that are presented to us daily -- to “feel” the realization of our dream.

Time marches on -- no matter if we want it to or not -- the real question is  -- what are we going to do with the time we have?

I have told you before that I go on a scavenger hunt each day to find -- the moment -- the thing -- that makes my life richer. 

It takes that for me or I would become a victim to the world’s pulling me into the same old thing everyday.

It took me a while after the loss of my brother to understand what I have just said about using our time to the fullest.

Being only in my 20s when he died I was still in that phase of figuring out what I was going to be when I grew up.

Even though I was running at a hundred miles a minute back then I always knew there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing.

It was when I would get away from work that the feeling of being trapped would hit me. 

But it didn’t take long after getting back into the work routine that I had forgotten all about leaving the rat race.

I wonder how many things passed me by in those days that I could have gotten so much more out of.

So now we are in the place we want to be.  We look at everyday differently now.  We expect so many wonderful things to happen as we go forward in this new life. 

It is this excitement and expectation that makes everything we went through to get here worth it.

The other thing that we have found is that the normal “pain in the you know what” stuff that life throws at you -- doesn’t have the same effect on us.  We seem to deal with it with so much less stress now that we wonder why it used to stress us out so much.

These are just some things I thought about after writing that post yesterday.

Perhaps my brother continues to teach me even though he is no longer with me -- or perhaps -- a part of him still is -- and always will be.

That was our day...thank you for stopping by!

Ken and Nanette

Monday, March 22, 2010

Got A Little Done and The Rain Comes...

Rain was on the way they said so I thought I would have a day of watching the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

Didn’t work out that way -- it didn’t start raining until around 4 PM so that meant I had to do some work on my list. Crying

I removed the clear plastic from the windows that we had installed for the cold weather.  I would highly recommend this to anyone that is staying in an RV in the winter unless you have dual pane windows.

It made a very big difference for us having the windows sealed. Plus we were able see out of the windows just fine.

Next week I will remove the skirting from around our MH.  This is something else I highly recommend for the winter months. The difference by having skirting was amazing.  Beside keeping the floors much warmer it kept any air from entering from openings underneath.

Being able to do these two things makes us realize the worst of winter is over -- which we are very happy about.

I did some cleaning of the outside of the MH after removing the plastic. 

That took me up until the rain came.

We want to have everything done a couple of weeks before we need to leave for New York so there is no pressure at the last minute.

We decided today to leave earlier than first planned and take our time getting to the campground. 

I think next week we will get the maps and directories out and plan our trip and where we will stay each night.

That will mark off another item on the list!

I will also get the new tires mounted since I change my own and get the wheel simulators (hubcaps) ordered.  It should only take about a week for them to get to us.  Then it will be time to get them installed.

I really enjoy working on things myself so i am actually looking forward to getting all of this stuff done.

After the rain started I moved back inside and THEN watched a few basketball games.  Very relaxing end to the weekend.

Next week is going to be a busy one. 

We need to renew the license plates on the RV and the boat registration as well as continuing to work on our list.

A very personal note to you...

I know everyone doesn’t read the comments left in response to our posts so I want to address something I have been asked about in the past and that was posted in the comments yesterday regarding the stories I have shared with you.

I have been asked if they are true or just storytelling.

Well...they are all true and really happened.  At least to the best of my recollection.

This is the comment I left yesterday regarding the post.

“I have been asked many times in my life and in emails from here if all the things I have told are true.

I assure you they are.

The story I told in this post I found myself having to leave things out as it just got too long I felt.

I guess my recollection of so many things stems from the loss of my brother. The one I wrote about here.

Larry passed away unexpectedly at 34 years old of an aneurysm.

That is a story in itself. One that would be very painful to tell but I grew up more through all of that than at any other time of my life.

Larry was survived by his wife, a 1 year old child and a brother that misses him dearly.

When that happened I cherished my memories from that time forward of everything we went through.

In most of the stories I recount Larry is there -- although I don't include his portion sometimes -- he is really the catalyst.

I have tried hard to capture in as much detail the memories of my time with him.

He left us way too soon so he lives in my mind just as my dad does.”

The loss of my brother had a deep impact on me for two reasons.

The first is that it was totally unexpected. 

I was living in Michigan at the time and he was living in Missouri.

I got the call at about 1 PM from my dad.  All he said to me was that Larry was in trouble medically and that I needed to get to Missouri immediately.

There was very little information at the time my dad called me and I immediately got into my car and started the 11 hour drive. 

Back then I had no cell phone so I received no updates on the way.

When I got to the hospital I found out that Larry had never regained consciousness and would never do so again.  He was on life support.

Shortly after I got this information from the doctor my dad found me and wanted to talk to me.

My dad told me that the doctors had suggested terminating life support since there was no hope of recovery and actually Larry technically had already expired, only being kept alive by the machines.

What he had suffered was a massive brain aneurism. 

It had happened at lunch time where he worked.  All they heard him say was that he needed help. That was the last thing he ever said.

My dad wanted to tell me that he could not make the decision to terminate life support. 

Knowing my dad and his feelings for us this did not surprise me one bit.

The second thing that impacted me so heavily was what my dad said next.

He told me that he wanted ME to make the decision.

My mom was completely beside herself and unable to communicate much at all.

So I talked to the doctors -- I talked to my dad -- I talked to my mom -- and I prayed for guidance.

My brother’s wish was to donate his organs at the time of his death.  Not only had he made his wishes known legally he had told me this personally.

Of course the hospital knew this so I received a visit from the head of the transplant team.

We talked for a long time and I was informed that there was a time limit to make good on Larry’s wishes.  That time was soon approaching.

So I made the decision to terminate Larry’s life support.

Larry was 34 years old.

My dad understood completely and before my dad’s death he told me that I had made the right decision as far as he was concerned.

So...all of this is called growing up very quickly.

My brother’s death affected me in many ways and still does to this day. 

The memories of him are precious to me. 

The one thing he never wanted was for people to be sad at his passing. 

He wanted his funeral to be a celebration of his life and a remembrance of the good times -- the fun times of his life.

That is exactly what his funeral was. 

Some of the stories that you have read here I told at his funeral. 

People laughed. 

I am sure Larry did too if he was looking in on us.

So there you have it.

Well that is all for today...

Ken and Nanette

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Day...Surprise Visitors...and Don’t Scratch The Truck!

The weather doesn’t get any better than today.  72 degrees -- sunny -- relaxed.

Today was one of those days we wish we could have everyday.  After the winter we have had I think we are enjoying the warming weather more this year than most.

I did a few things on my list today in preparation for our departure to New York. 

While I checked off 2 items I added 4.  I think I have to stop adding to the list or we will never get out of here.

One of the things on my list was to do a thorough checkout of all of our batteries on our motorhome.  Since we have been stationary for 3 months in the winter our batteries have really been put through it. 

I checked all connections for cleanliness and water levels in the batteries. 

Our coach batteries are of course kept charged by our convertor and our engine battery is kept charged by a float charger we have hooked to it.

Everything looks good.

Yesterday I posted about replacing our Wheel Simulators.  Why they call them that I don’t know.  As Fred said -- they used to be called hubcaps. 

Anyway this is what they look like:

Motorhome Wheel Simulators


So these are what I am going to be putting on our motorhome.  Not an easy task sometimes but it will be worth it.

We cooked out today and just relaxed.  After we finished eating, outside I might add, I went inside and notice I had an email on my Blackberry.

When I opened it was from Bev and Dale telling us they were at our campground but couldn’t get in the gate.

Just as I started typing a response to see if they were still here I glanced out the window and saw a couple walking down the road.

So I went outside and sure enough it was Bev and Dale.  They live in Ohio and had decided to stop by to see us.

Bev and Dale had emailed us some time ago to let us know they read our blog and weren’t too far away -- well 2 1/2 hours -- so they may stop down and see us sometime.

They kept their word and surprised us today with a visit.

And what a great surprise! 

Bev and Dale have been RVing for many years and are working toward going full time within the next couple of years.

I will tell you this -- if you get a chance to meet up with them on the road -- don’t pass it  up!

They have some stories to tell that you will find most interesting. 

They are a rather adventurous couple and know how to make the most out of life -- from snowmobiling to Dog Sledding to...well you will just have to get them talking and you will find out quickly.

We found out we had all been snowmobiling in the same locations in Michigan.

Nanette and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Bev and Dale.

We talked about...lets see...rock slides...snakes...and oh yeah...”Hillbillies Walking Down The Road”.  Right Dale?

...and Bev...yes those were real Hillbillies!

We were sad to see them go -- we could have spent the entire evening with them.  I am sure the campfire conversation would have been memorable.

Unfortunately they had to head back home.

We told them to come see us in the Adirondacks this summer -- we hope they take us up on that invitation!

I would like to tell you about my brother’s new truck and the first 4 wheeling trip he took it on.

My best friend as I was growing up was a guy named Mike.  Mike and I ran around together a lot.

My brother Larry had moved away from home a few years before this event.

He purchased his first ever new vehicle.  It was a black Ford Four-Wheel Drive Pickup.  A beautiful truck!

He called me up one day and asked if I wanted to go with him to take his brand new truck off road for the first time.  I asked him if Mike could come along and he of course said yes.

Now there is something about my brother that you need to know.  He was VERY picky about his stuff.  Like don’t mess it up.  He was a perfectionist in a lot of ways and one of these ways is that his vehicles were kept immaculate.

Me on the other hand -- not so much.

So he picked Mike and I up and we headed to the Mississippi River to an area well known for 4 wheeling.

Now it had rained a lot the week of this trip -- so one would expect that there would be...well...mud.

But my brother made sure he washed his new truck for the event.

So off road we went -- what we had were basically logging roads -- deep ruts -- trees hanging over the road -- and of course brush along the road.

The first hint for what we were in for came quickly.

My brother spotted a little branch sticking out into the road ahead of us. 

He said to me -- “Will you go out and break that off so it doesn’t scratch the truck?”

Of course I said “Sure.” -- like the 20 other “sures” I said as we went down this road.  Yep, I got out of the truck many times to move branches out of the way so not to scratch the truck.

We were really 4 wheeling now!

Little did Larry know what he would experience before this day was through -- and branches would pale in comparison.

The hills around the Mississippi River are very rocky.  There is upturned bedrock everywhere.

So as we made our way down toward the river we came upon some of this rock.  When I say “upon” we were actually “Up On” this rock.

Larry worked his way very slowly along the top of these rocks. The tires struggling to maintain traction as we leaned one way and then the other.

Well...we hit this one spot where the left front tire went down in a very low spot at the exact instance the right rear tire hit a very high spot.

Going as slow as were in this “Brand New Truck” we felt it before we saw it.

We were suddenly on two wheels and looking straight down a 100 foot drop -- sideways!

We were...turning over sideways very slowly.  Getting ready to roll down the hill.

Larry hit the brakes and Mike and I hit the door...we were bailing out!

Larry yelled at us not to get out but to hang out the door to counterbalance the “turning over truck”.

Do what???

Stay in a turning over truck with a perfectly good working door???

Are you nuts???

Fine! We stayed in the truck.

Mike and I were both standing on the door threshold side by side with the door open and us leaning out as far as we could hanging onto the door.

Larry -- during all of this had turned white as a sheet!

So there we were...must have been quite a sight!

Now realizing the situation I suddenly had my big brother in I could not resist telling him I couldn’t keep holding on like I was.  That I was getting tired and my muscles were giving out.

Every time I would say I was going to get out he would just look at me with that “look” that says “You better not!”

Then Mike said “I really need to go to the bathroom.”  He didn’t but we were having too good of a time to do otherwise.

We even found out that if we moved just a few inches in toward the truck the trucks right rear wheel would lift right up off the ground.

We actually got very good at doing this.

We stayed in this position for about 30 minutes until another truck arrived and they called in a second truck that was in the area.

They put 2 straps on us to keep us from rolling over and pulled us out of our predicament.

Once we were on solid ground my brother made it clear he didn’t find me and Mike’s humor appealing.

By the way -- this is far from the end of the story of that day.

On the way home it started to rain...we were going past a hill that went under a bridge that crossed a tributary off the Mississippi River.

As we past it we heard people yelling.

It seems they had gotten two trucks stuck in the mud and needed help.

So we went down the hill -- big mistake -- and realized we had no hope of getting their trucks out.

Now this hill was nothing but mud.

So the 4 people covered with mud crawled into the back of my brothers truck and we tried to get up the hill.

The first try -- not even close.

So Larry decided a really good idea would be to get a really good run at it to build up speed and up the hill we should go.

The only problem was -- to do this he had to make a 90 degree turn at the base of the hill to go up it.

So...we backed way up...and the mud started flying...the people in the back were hooping and hollering. 

I guess they were enjoying the ride.  They were also sliding all over the bed of the truck like greased pigs.

It was kind of like a big mud wrestling contest only in the bed of a truck.


We hit the turn and Larry floored it.  We had more mud flying than I have ever seen. The windshield was completely covered as were the people in the back.

We plowed up that hill -- and right over the top!

It was kind of a pretty pond actually.

The one that we went straight into after we went over the top of that hill and just kept going.

We hit that thing like a landslide...water and mud went everywhere.  The truck did not.  It just stopped!

So here we sat -- up to the doors in water -- a party goin’ on in the back of my brother’s new pride and joy truck -- my brother with his head down on the steering wheel -- and me...

Well as for me...all I could think was...he certainly was his father’s son!

We finally did get pulled out again and my brother had really broken in his new truck.

I bet it took him a week to get that thing clean again!

That is it for today!

Thank you for stopping by.  We sure appreciate it!

Ken and Nanette