Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moments of Truth...

Just wanted to let everyone know we are still here...

Getting a lot of rain the last week or so...watching the Kentucky River rise and fall...

Sounds boring perhaps -- but we are loving our new lifestyle.

You have heard of "moments of truth"?

Well we seem to be heading for one.

The question has been on the table for a couple of weeks now as to what to do regarding work.  Do I take something here where we are located?  Does that lock us in to staying longer than we envisioned?  Do we expand the search to other locations which would have us move but perhaps get locked in there?

There are many more questions than this of course but this seems to be the ones that keep coming up.


I get an email from an employer on Workamper.  This was not expected at all.  We did put our information out there and had been getting emails telling us employers were looking at our information. 

We did not expect anyone to really contact us.  We have done no work in campgrounds nor did we post any experience stating that we have.


Being the surprise that it was -- the conversation suddenly changed.

Now we are searching through all the workamper jobs as well as the other sites and seeing some very appealing opportunities. 

Keep us in your thoughts as we move toward the "moment of truth" and the decision comes.

We have decided to approach things a little different than usual now.  We are not so quick to jump on impulse or perhaps the fear of the "what ifs?" 

If you go back to prior posts here you will see a series of events that just seemed to fall into place without any input from us.  We have gone through these things in conversation and have accepted there are things that happen -- in their own time -- and sometimes one must wait -- be quiet but aware -- and let things take their course.

By the way...for those thinking of this lifestyle.  We are just one example but from our family we say in unison that it was the right decision - for more reasons than I would bother you to list here -- it is all that it has been written about in the positive.

This change does take time to assimilate and that takes time.  Having faith is a huge part of this change.   We have read many times that if you are someone that must know everything that is going to happen before it does it may be wise to think about what a day in the life of this lifestyle will be.

We have also found that reading blogs helps a lot.  I would suggest you try to find a writer that is in the closest situation you may find yourself in.  We have done that and had some great email exchanges on specific issues that have been very helpful -- actually that is not a strong enough word -- in some cases I would say essential.

Now it is important to remember that they are not you and you not them.  There are differences, however, the fundamentals can be very similar in nature as we have found.

The journey continues -- and we have written it before but again we want to express the importance of this site and the people here. 

All one needs to do is read and absorb the information found here and then apply it to your situation. 

Ken and Nanette