Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thinking of Cedar Key...or A Place Just Like It...

Thank you for the information on Cedar Key.  Lets see -- 18 degrees and windy.  We can certainly see some benefits just in temperature.

Today is laundry day!  First time since we have been here.  They have very nice laundry facilities within a very short walk from our site.  This should be fun!

Yesterday we had another first experience.  If you read back some you will see where we wrote about a very dear lady that greeted us when we first arrived and gave us some great encouragement.  We have spoken with her a number of times and grew very fond.

Yesterday we were running into town to take care of a few things and as we left we noticed they had a ladder out and were doing something on the roof of their RV.

When we arrived back a couple of hours later -- They were gone!


It seems they had unexpectedly left for Alabama.

We felt bad.  We had lost a neighbor -- just like that!

When we live in our house the neighborhood was an older one with the residence having lived there for many years.  None of the neighbors we had left the entire time we were there.

But now -- here one day and gone the next.

Of course what I am writing probably seems very infantile to most of you since you have experienced people leaving many times.

For us however it is a first.  Strange feeling.

In other news -- things continue to go well.   It looks like I will be replacing or seriously cleaning the blade seal on our toilet.  Darn thing just won't hold water.

I had to clean out one of our Lasko electric heaters -- kept tripping off on high temperature.

There is one other thing.  I think I have discovered a new RV phenomena.  It seems when living in an RV there are temperature variables that defy physics.

Last night after taking a walk with Banjo -- that is our Shelty -- Nanette came in to join me in bed.  As she settled in she put her -- uh -- posterior up against me.

Now -- a question. How can skin reach a temperature that I estimated to be roughly - 200 degrees Fahrenheit?

I thought there were limits to such things.  I am now convinced that Nanette has charted new territory and perhaps has earned her right to be written up in some journal of science!

You will be glad to know that this maneuver on Nanette's part didn't bother her in the least.  I could actually "feel" the grin on her face.  But I didn't say a word -- not going to let her know the effect it had.  Nope -- us men have to show our manlihoodness (new word).

This RV living apparently is just full of new experiences -- some sad -- and some down right cruel. smile

We talked yesterday about starting a blog.  The first thing is to come up with a name.  So we are working on that and think we are going to do it.

From the frozen banks of the Kentucky River -- we continue to have fun!

Ken and Nanette (also known now as Mrs. Freeze)