Saturday, January 9, 2010

Every Miles A Memory....

Ken & Nanette,

"I am thinking that the lack of buyer's' remorse is due to this. There is no other tangible route to take. Add to this the freedom and the new joy of the small things that happen and why would anyone contemplate going back?"

Just wait till you can finally get on the road and into some decent weather, then your joy will seem boundless. For the first 6 months we were out we had perpetual grins pasted on our faces.

Welcome to the life you never dreamed of. smile.gif



We agree with you on how things will change once we go mobile and leave the cold weather in the rear view mirrors.  Although from the looks of things the last few days that will mean going to Key West -- at least! smile

We finished our financial review the other day.  The pace of the move had not given us time to do so until now.

We liked what we saw.  We made a few adjustments based on real numbers especially in the actual opposed to the projected setup costs we incurred and in doing so the picture certainly improved.

Yesterday as I was reading through the blogs and forums -- which is a daily morning ritual now -- I stumbled across a link to a blog called "Every Miles A Journey"  This was from a young couple that are presently managing a motel/RV location in Cedar Key, Florida.

I have read many blogs -- which include many of the people here -- however for some reason this one really got my attention.

Why?  You might ask.   Well if you did ask -- I would answer -- I have no earthly idea.

There is something about them and what they are doing that seems to have really struck a chord and I couldn't get it out of mind all day yesterday.

So...I started telling Nanette about it.  We talked for a couple of hours about "What next?"  "Where next?"  "When?' 

This conversation was a very important one.  It represented a transition for us.  You see we have been focused and consumed with four things.  Getting rid of stuff -- getting the RV loaded and situated -- getting moved -- and making the transition.

Yesterday we made another transition -- to the future. 

I want to tell you -- it was not an easy thing to do either.  I realized we kept dropping back into "today" and discussing now instead of "tomorrow".  It was like prying our fingers off of a cherished candy bar or something.

We had to keep asking ourselves -- If we could have it exactly like we want it -- what would it look like?  The key here was to not try to solve the "what ifs" as we did this.   Just paint the picture first -- clearly -- and establish the value in achieving the goal.

Why is this important?  Well...being one of those people that studies human behavior I have done a great deal of study on how people think and the effects of how they think.

I have found that there is something I call Time Model thinking.  It seems that there are three possible time modes we can think in. 

Past, Present and Future.  As humans we move toward the things that are uppermost in our minds.  In other words we move toward what we are thinking about.  Rocket science huh? smile

I see people and organizations of people doing this all the time.  I have listened to the words they use. 

If I hear them always talking about the "good 'ol days" or " I remember when" and these types of phrases are used a lot then there is an indicator they are looking to move back to the past.

If the conversation centers on the present then they will most likely stay right where they are.

Now when I hear talk of the future -- ah -- that is where it gets interesting -- they are looking to move forward.

If one listens to the words used by those around them there is a predictive pattern that can be determined.  People really do move toward what they think about.

Think of it as a measure of "change readiness". 

In other words, if someone is totally mired in the past in thought and words what is the likelihood they are going to suddenly take a huge step forward?

Also I believe no opportunity can be seized if not seen first -- so what are the chances someone looking backwards or firmly planted in the present will even see or let alone seize an opportunity they aren't even looking for?

Significance is established in one's mind by what we determine is important.  If we don't see it as important it gets screened out.  

So...back to us. 

When we started this conversation regarding the possibilities it was as if a veil was lifted.  Kind of like what Fred said.  The world opened up.  The existence of possibilities once again emerged.

You see as I wrote the other day -- although I didn't say it this way -- I was feeling stuck.  The current reality was closing in on me and hiding the real picture of the future.

I think of it kind of like when Howard takes his sunset pictures (Which we love by the way!).  If the sunset is obscured then we wouldn't see it on the picture he would take.  

I would ask you though -- does that mean the sunset isn't there?

Oh it is there -- just as real as it can be.  It can't be seen though so one could  question if it is there.

I am not addressing the issue of faith here -- that is a whole 'nother topic but more of a "how we are wired" thing in regard to awareness and perception.

I would offer this to you to think about.  In our minds -- why look for something that you repeatedly don't see?

Same goes for what I was doing.  I had my face firmly buried in the location we are in and the things I had to do.  The sunset was still there but obscured.  So we had to clear away the fog.

When we did -- what a wonderful sight -- with endless possibilities once again came into view.

I suspect some of you wonder why I would write about such things. 

Perhaps it is more for me than you.  After I write the things I do here -- I always go back and review it for typos and such -- there are many times as I read what I just wrote -- I feel the words making a take on me. 

Sometimes I am the one that needs the "talking to" more than anyone else ever would.

Even though I have taught, and still do, the various concepts regarding "how to get there from here" I am still subject to the same issues that would stand in my way. 

I have been asked many times why I would fall prey to the human thought process with me having taught about it.  Simple answer -- I am human. we have a blank slate.  Where to go -- what to do -- and when.  Frankly, we have no idea what the answers will be.

The big difference today is -- we are now looking -- we know that the sunset is there -- and all we have to do is open our eyes and employ the human agency to go get it.

I tell ya -- that Cedar Key thing -- sure looks appealing -- as do all the other limitless adventures that await us. 

We just have to remember that fog does happen -- the question is -- will we know when it is rolling in and simply obscuring the glorious scenery behind it?

Ken and Nanette

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting setup...and...COLD!!!...

It has been a few days and thought we should check in.

We are 99% organized -- not an easy task.  We kept too much stuff as we suspected and are slowly going through it.  The largest amounts being stored in the basement of the RV will have to wait until warmer weather arrives.  Which we think will occur sometime in 2010. confuse

We have not seen above freezing temperatures for a number of days now and none are forecast for a while.  The latest forecast has a winter storm coming in early Thursday morning and the temperature is going down to 3 degrees on Sunday.

Our RV is handling the cold better than I could have ever expected.  I have installed skirting which made a big difference and we have our electric heaters strategically placed and set for maximum effect.

Since placing the heaters, only one furnace has been running.  The basement of our RV is heated by the front furnace and that has kept the water tanks and valves surprisingly warm.  We have remote sensors at strategic locations with alarms set should the temperature drop below a safe level.

I got Nanette's computer and work area setup yesterday -- she is thrilled -- which is always a good thing. biggrin

It seems that Nanette and the boys are settling in much quicker than I assumed.  I am probably the one lagging behind some. 

I am having some trouble slowing down and finding time to enjoy things.  The to-do list is controlling things still. 

Today is finance day.  We will be doing an accounting and projections again since moving.  The final pay thing is still a problem -- why do people have to make things so difficult sometimes?  We are now discussing our next move on this front.  With over $10,000 in question it is not something we are going to drop.

I guess we will be searching for a good labor attorney -- sigh.

It has been about a week since we strolled over to the new lifestyle.  I must tell you that a lot of questions have come up.  Virtually all logistical in nature.

You know the one question that has never come up?  Was this the right thing to do?

I don't know if I can adequately state the importance of what I just wrote.

"Buyer's remorse" is a very real mental concept.  It usually follows a major decision and execution of that decision.  It is simply not present in our situation.

We both used to read and still read many blogs of full timers every morning.  We got excited back then envisioning ourselves in their position. 

That was the "dream".  The "product" we were desiring to "buy" so to speak.  It was certainly an emotional purchase as we had no experiential facts to support our decision.

Well...we made the purchase...just as some of you are contemplating doing. 

Now that we are feels familiar and right.  I have not put my finger on why the natural tendency, usually present to question a very large decision, is missing.

It has not been all roses as I have shared, however, the problems seem smaller for some reason.

I stepped away from the computer for a few minutes to think about an answer to my own question and a strange but perhaps very important thing popped into my head.

My job or perhaps I should say my life has been devoted to helping people and companies define and then achieve their goals.  (That is another story.) 

During these adventures I have used from time to time the teachings of Sun Tzu as written in the Art of War.

A fascinating study -- and not just applicable to war -- I assure you.

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu includes a couple of rules regarding engaging your enemy.  I will paraphrase it.

Rule #1  When attacking your enemy -- ALWAYS give them an escape route.  (If not, and defeat appears imminent they will come right over the top of you -- as there is nothing more to lose.)

Rule #2  When attacking an enemy -- NEVER give yourself an escape route -- if you do -- you will surely take it.

This concept has been also stated as "burning the boats at the shore".

I think this is what we have done in essence and not so much by design with this move. 

We sold, disposed and gave away the majority of our things.  We divested ourselves of our house and changed the entire foundation on which our lives will be lived upon.

I am thinking that the lack of buyer's' remorse is due to this.  There is no other tangible route to take.  Add to this the freedom and the new joy of the small things that happen and why would anyone contemplate going back?

I will write at another time about the "small joys" issue.  I have found this most fascinating and I feel it is worthy of sharing.

One last thing -- I got the chance to return a favor. 

Remember the woman that I told you about that had spoken to us about having been full timing for many years and in doing so offered powerful words of encouragement at a much needed time?

With the winter storm predicted she decided to get her propane cylinders filled yesterday.  I just happened to look out to see her trying to remove the hoses on the cylinders.  They would not budge.  I immediately went over with a wrench to help remove them and then loaded them into her truck for her.

When I finished -- she looked me straight in the eye -- paused for a moment -- and then said. "Thank you."  It wasn't WHAT she said -- it was HOW she said it. 

I knew it wasn't an obligatory show of appreciation -- it was a truly sincere appreciation for assisting her without being asked.

This event although small in nature is part of the essence of what we are looking for -- things that matter -- for the right reasons -- and to be assimilated into what makes life and what you get from it important.

Sorry so long -- I had to empty my head -- now I need to go reboot my brain.

Ken and Nanette