Saturday, December 12, 2009

The emotional rollercoaster explored...

Ken and Nanette,

I don't think you realize what a contribution you are making to this site. By posting here about your emotional ups and downs, other RVers who are going through the process realize that they're not alone with the feelings they are experiencing. Every day there are new people joining this family, so there are many who are still in the first planning stages and welcome any insight to the process.

Sharing is what the RV-Dreams family is all about. smile

Your emotional roller coaster isn't over yet. One of the most emotional times for me was the day we "officially" pulled out of the driveway of our house and began our new journey into the full-timing lifestyle. I don't think I'll ever forget that day.

As for the blog, you may not want to do one now, but be sure to write down the things that are happening to you now. We kept a journal and are really glad we did as you tend to forget some of the small but important things that happen during this busy time.




We sure hope that there is something in what we are putting out there that will hit a chord with someone else. 

Hopefully someone is sitting there saying -- "I feel the same way...I KNOW we can do this."

The reason I say that is because that was Nanette and I just a few weeks ago.


Funny you should write about the day we pull out.

Within the last hour Nanette and I were having THE OFFICIAL discussion of exactly what day that will be.

We have targeted the 15th to be that day. 

It looks like that may slip a day or two due to some electronics installation I need to do in the RV.  Just something that we decided to change at the last minute.

The thing is -- we can now officially SEE the day.  No more guessing -- no more thinking -- no more "what if's -- it is now within days.


So -- I am thinking of something very profound to utter at that very moment I release my foot off the brake and the tires start rolling toward the grand and glorious future ahead of us!

Knowing me as I do -- it will probably be something worthy of the Library of Congress like...

"Hey -- did we put the antenna down??!!!"


A Blog?...

I want to add something on a different subject.

I have been asked why I don't setup a blog and post the kind of things I have posted here -- there.

Well...I would like to answer that question.

This site was the very first site we found when doing research.  We did as many have -- read everything on it. 

We found great information, comfort, and some things maybe we didn't want to see but needed to.  It was a great help in making our decision and plans.

This help has come -- usually in the early morning hours -- as sleep eluded me due to the racing of my mind as I tried to get my arms around all of this.

Howard and Linda have shared about everything that could be shared including financial data.  Something I am not sure I could do -- but I feel they have done this to stay true to their original spirit of intent of this site.

They have shown that their goal is to inform and educate those that are considering or are already in this lifestyle.  A goal they are achieving.

For us we don't know if what we post is much help.  We assume most of the people here are way past where we are in this process.

However, if some little thing we share has some value to someone here then we have done a little something to give back to the intent of this site.  To give back to the people that have helped us and to Howard and Linda for diligently pursuing a dream and then sharing it.

To me this belongs here -- at this time and place we find ourselves.

Someday we may do the blog thing -- it does help to write down the things you experience and feel.  It is funny how the things you write, when you read them back to yourself, can have an unexpected impact.

Ken and Nanette

Friends are wonderful things!...

Friends are wonderful things!

Yesterday I had a storm of motivation arrive in the person of a friend of mine.

We got the first trailer loaded in about an hour and a half! 

Once the emotion is removed through objectivity as it was yesterday things just sail along. a final few boxes need to be packed to fill the spots on the trailer and this afternoon it heads to the auction.  There will be one more trailer load of stuff but just odds and ends and it is all gone.

Last night there was an emotional moment though.

I am a musician and with this move I had to sell my guitars.  One of those guitars was a rare 1983 Walnut Stratocaster Elite that I bought new in '83. 

When the case was opened even after all these years there was still a WOW factor. The gold plated hardware and the solid American Walnut made it more of a display piece than a musical instrument.  Of course to play it was a dream.

Last night the man that bought it came to pay for it and pick it up.  At first it was a sad affair.  Once we began talking and I learned about this man and his extraordinary story I was actually very happy to sell it to him.

We talked about our plans and he was fascinated and really GOT IT. 

We talked for a long time about life and such and at the end of the conversation he told me that the guitar I had just sold him would never be sold by him.  It constituted the crown jewel of his collection.

In addition, he told me that any time I wanted to come play it -- it would be there and he would love to just sit and talk some more and jam some.

In closing, I want to say something about what I have found.

This full timing thing doesn't seem to START at the moment you pull out for the first time.  It starts much sooner actually.  It is an emotional ride -- up and down -- fulfilling and curious. 

I think that just as in nature incubation is important to change.  Just like children being born -- it takes months before the baby arrives.  This time gives parents time to acclimate to the NEW conditions that are coming.

So too it appears with this transition. 

As time goes on comfort seems to settle in -- a little at a time -- to the new conditions.

The Chinese speak of change in 3 distinct phases.

Full of the Old.

Full of Nothing.

Full of the New.

It is the full of the NOTHING part that seems to be the hardest.  I think we have broken over the ridge on this though and the NEW is arriving.

For those that are in the process -- for what it is worth -- you may experience this too.  I can only say to hang in there -- it may be uncomfortable -- but it will pass and with the passing all the things that so many write about -- this experience described as a great journey will emerge on the other side.  And with it all of the wonders associated with it.

One point though -- the "journey" starts before you know it has started -- at least in our case it did.

So -- for today -- we will enjoy the lifting of the burdens of the last few days -- and continue to move forward toward being Full of the NEW!

Ken and Nanette

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fatique is a funny thing...

Fatigue is a funny thing especially when coupled with a 6 degree windchill.

When you get beyond tired you find yourself getting very inefficient. 

Although one thing that seems to always work well is "creative avoidance".

Creative Avoidance -- that is the thing where you seem to amazingly find something else to do rather than the thing you really need to do.  It just pops into your head.

Our kids are the best at this...when it is time for their homework -- SUDDENLY their rooms MUST be cleaned or as I have heard the world as we know it -- will end.

Well -- being big kids ourselves we seem to be able to corner the market on this creative avoidance thing.  It becomes like a mental isometric exercise...the more you try to force yourself to do the thing you are avoiding the more your mind works to get you out of it.

I can get very creative in avoiding things at times.  I seem to have an endless list of other priorities stored up just ready to be unleashed when the "honey do" list arrives in all its glory on the refrigerator. 

Yesterday was very rough with battling 5 to 6 degree wind chill as we tried to manipulate all of our stuff onto the trailer or into the trash pile. 

When I would come back into the house it seemed there were things in the (warm) house that I had somehow forgotten to do.  The problem was these things just seemed to never end and had suddenly taken on a new high priority.

All the while I was taking care of my "new" imperatives (and staying warm) those piles of boxes outside were not seemingly able to load themselves.  So they sat...and sat...and sat.

So today -- it is refocus day. 

I have friends coming over this afternoon to assist in loading the furniture and heavy items onto the trailers for the auction. 

Now for this to work I choose to get the boxes taken care of so they are not in the way and will allow the other items to be loaded.

I am so ready to get out of here -- to do that I realize as I sit here -- with the first cup of coffee in the morning -- that this creative avoidance will delay that from happening which is the last thing I want.

I think perhaps my problem is -- I have let the clarity of the end result slip a bit.  I have allowed myself to become mired in current reality instead of being pulled forward by the new reality we are creating. I am off to continue the process of inventing our future instead of letting circumstance do it for me. 

What an adventure!

Ken and Nanette

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just write whatever pops into our minds...


Thank you so much for the kind words. 

We just write what pops into our minds -- sometimes good sometimes not so much. smile

Unfortunately we are right in the middle of getting on the road.  We are hoping to be out of the house for good around the 15th of this month.  We are not sure at this point that we will hit that date though.

The weather has really set us back some.  Heavy rain then high winds and now bitterly cold and windy. 

We are determined to get things loaded though -- whats a little frostbite for a good cause?

So even though we will be out of the house we will be staying in the area for a bit as we wrap up some things here.  Then -- we are going to get a map -- and well -- you know the rest.

My initial thought is -- along with the exercise of picking our first destination -- the weather report will factor in heavily. biggrin

Ken and Nanette

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

55 MPH winds -- hard to follow a dream at that speed...

We thought we would offer an update on our adventure - hope you don't mind.  It is good to write this stuff down for us.

The weather has not cooperated the last 2 days as it has rained or should I say monsooned (my spell check says this isn't a word -- I told it that it is now!).

So our loading of the trailers for the auction has been put on hold until either later today or tomorrow.  We lost 2 good days.

Right now as I type this I am listening to the wind howl outside.  We have been warned to expect sustained winds of 25 - 30 MPH with gusts over 55 MPH. 

Today we continue to load the RV. 

I want to share something very strange that happened yesterday -- and very unexpected.

We have some of our clothes in those Rubbermaid containers that were purchased to fit exactly in our storage spaces. 

Yesterday when I picked up the first one -- which was the very first thing to get loaded -- and walked out the door of the house toward the RV I suddenly felt the most interesting feeling.

I had this feeling of contentment come over me.  It was like FINALLY we are doing it. 

I walked out to the RV with the container. Nanette was already inside and I told her about it.  She just smiled.  I suspect she has been feeling something similar as she had prepared things in the RV to receive our stuff.

Some may say that feelings are not tangible but I know that feelings are directly related to motivation and creativity. 

If one does things from a standpoint of being motivated by fear or apprehension -- then as soon as we perceive the thing we fear is no longer a threat then the motivation goes away along with the threat. 

I think this is why it is so important to put this life style change on a want-to, chose-to basis.

When we first decided to do this -- with the associated apprehensions -- we caught ourselves saying that we HAVE to do this or HAVE to do that.  We found that using the words "HAVE TO" caused us to feel we had no choice -- that we were being forced somehow to do what we were doing. 

In addition, if we were being forced to do this then there must be some associated "awful" consequence associated with not doing it. 

This we realized was self imposed fear motivation.

But how could we be forced to do something we CHOSE to do? 

So...Nanette and I talked about it and decided to change the words we used to words like CHOOSE TO and WANT TO.

You all may think we are crazy but once we changed our mindset -- our motivation and creativity really soared.  It wasn't like we were trying to run with someone hanging on to our pant pockets anymore.

This has been a very freeing exercise.  To look at life as a "choice" and not a "have to" is a most interesting experience. 

One we CHOOSE to enjoy for a VERY long time.

Ken and Nanette