Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life by purpose not circumstance...

xxxxxx wrote:

Ken and Nanette,
Thanks for such a great post and the best to you with implementing your well-thought out plan soon! I hear you on the emotions that go with a move like this, as I go through it all the time, too.

I really love what you said about not living by circumstances, rather a life on purpose. After decades of living my life based on circumstances that I didn't necessarily plan real well, I am now moving toward a life by design. I am excited since I see the RVing lifestyle as one that provides the flexibility, mobility and sense of 'home' while traveling. Now it appears that through a nice forum like this, we all get to enjoy a sense of greater community too.

Anyway, congrats for declaring your journey!

Thank you!

A life by design -- what a great way to say it. 

We feel the apprehension fading away today.  Although I am sure it will come back again but for today -- it is a good day.

The trailer arrives in a little while.  That would be the trailer that is going to take all of our stuff away to the auction.

Today Nanette and I sat together and went through pictures -- laughed and remembered.  We talked about all the new pictures that will get added to the albums soon.

We took pictures of all the boxes today -- both inside and out and the things scattered around.

We start loading the RV tomorrow -- now this should be most interesting.

We are soooo ready to get out of here!

Ken and Nanette

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Then it hit me...

What we did is to go on the internet and get pictures of the places we are going to -- on our list.

We did pictures since other than being worth a thousand words it is the visualization that makes the take in the mind.

Also an update...

Another major event today.  Today was my last day of work. 

Not retiring -- in the classical sense but retiring from the rat race.  So...I now have full days for sorting, packing and tossing.

We of course have mixed emotions -- as I am sure everyone would expect.

The strangest thing happened as I walked out the door though.  It was very unexpected actually.  I felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders.

I say this is strange because I hadn't anticipated ANY reaction.  Then it hit me -- we are on our way.  On to the life of purpose and MAKING our circumstances opposed to letting others do it for us.

We do ask for thoughts and prayers as we move forward with all the work we have before us.

Also the date for departure has moved up to as close to the 15th as we can get instead of the end of December.

Ken and Nanette

Stepping over boxes...

As we step over boxes and look at the mountain of things we have yet to go through and get rid of there are posted around the house pictures of the destinations we are going to travel to.

This may sound corny but if all we looked at was the current reality of all of this stuff and the work that is yet to be done we would probably lose our minds...

So...we gathered pictures of the destinations and hung them up around where we are working as a very real reminder of part of the reason we are doing this. 

It becomes easy to see what we are dealing with now as simply temporary as we "dream" of where we are headed.   It makes the goal tangible to us.

It is easy to get overwhelmed if we lose sight of why we are doing all of this.  With what we are doing it helps us to move to the "new picture" in our minds before we get there.

We were talking last night how there is a feeling of comfort with our adventure since we already "know" what it is going to look like before we even get there.

Works for us.

Ken and Nanette

Monday, November 30, 2009

We are thankful for...

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

We had a few extra things to be thankful for this year.  In particular the gift of moving toward our dream in an accelerated manner and having doors open for us that were unexpected.

We move forward toward the "new" picture in our minds.  We are making good progress sorting, tossing and getting things ready for the auction.

We have been telling family and friends of our accelerated plans and to our surprise we are getting very positive reactions.  There appears to be some envy, although I am not sure everyone understands exactly what it entails to make the transition.

It seems much easier at this point than we anticipated.  I think this has to do with how clearly we have defined our goals.  The clarity that comes with doing that helps to make the wanting to not leave the old habits and lifestyle much easier.

So...the journey continues with us placing our MH on the 28th of December at the CG and then the trailer rolls on the 30th for the auction.  At that time the house will be empty and we will be on our way and not looking back.

This is a great adventure -- the anticipation, excitement and uncertainty simply adds to the journey.  I can't emphasize enough the power of painting a very clear end-result in making the psychological transition as well as the physical.

Thank you all so much for the supportive emails and post here.  It is of great comfort knowing there is support available.

Ken and Nanette