Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The last piece...we thought...

The last piece just fell into place about an hour ago.  We are now officially setup with where we will be staying for the first few months.

Absolutely perfect campground right on the Kentucky River it is also about 25 minutes from where we live now.  Has all the things you would hope for and a stunning view with the rock cliffs on one side and the Kentucky River on the other.

Yes, I believe this is meant to be and more importantly it appears to be meant to be right now.

We place our RV in the campground on December 29th -- everything we now know will be gone for sure on December 27th having finished all the arrangements for that today.

We also found out we will be right next to a gentleman and his wife that are full timers there who is a very recently retired RV Technician who loves to tinker with RVs just to keep his hand in it.  That just might come in handy.

Also, there is a gentleman there that has offered to help us setup everything we need for the cold weather.  He is also a full timer a few sites away that has spent a number of winters there so he knows exactly what to expect and to protect against.

We will keep everyone updated on our progress over the next few weeks as we go through what is sure to be a roller coaster ride.

We are so excited and blessed!

Ken and Nanette

Is this the right thing to do?...

Uh...scrambling...being scared...being excited...keeping the "Is this the right thing to do?" question out of our heads...and praying for strength and direction and then being quiet and listening for the answer.

We are still trying to comprehend what is happening right now.

We are taking great comfort due to this board and people like you!

We know others have done it successfully.  And it isn't just any somebodies...it is people of great credibility and insight and with good hearts who are right here and right next to us.

In our minds we have joined a family -- a wonderful family that does care and will be honest.

I know this may sound corny perhaps but we have read so much here and we have concluded that the people here truly have a honorable "spirit of intent".  To help in any way the can -- to be honest -- even if you don't want to hear it.

I guess we are just needing a little reassurance -- not that anyone knows our exact situation. 

We do believe that faith, belief in yourself, the dream, and confidence really do matter in this world and in one's building of true happiness.

Ken and Nanette (with butterflies in our stomachs this morning)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Hold Onto Your Dream" - From Someone That Knows!...

xxxxxx wrote:

HI Ken and Nanette and welcome.

We had decided a few years ago that we would fulltime "someday". Then one day I went to work and 15 minutes after one of our mechanics clocked in he was dead of a heart attack at age 48. Exactly one week later we lost a 51 y/o supervisor to cancer. Then I decided "someday" NEEDED to be 2/1/09.

As the time got closer, things changed for us. I became more excited to start the new adventure. Len shut down. He was scared out of his wits - what about our finances, what if we decided we didn't like it, what if we had health issues, etc, etc. Because of this, several months earlier this year we went through the most difficult days of our 20 year marriage.

Then in the late Spring we set another date. Oct 1, 2009. But in August he went through a complete physical. They found what they thought was skin cancer on his head. We were told he needed a procedure and it would occur in November. So, back to the drawing board. We cancelled our retirement dates and all reservations we had made from October through January. We decided we would stay in NJ through the holidays.

Well, after another biospy was done on his head. NO CANCER. Thank God. So, here we are. Now we REALLY are leaving NJ between Jan 8 and 11 (provided we are not caught in a northeast snow storm). I have retired. Len's last day is Jan 7. We are now BOTH ready to head out and, in addtion, we are in a better financial situation.

What I am saying - hold on to your dream. We weathered a LOT in the last year. We are now stronger and in a much better place. We believe things work in God's time, not ours.

Hope to see each of you "down the road".

Thank you for the story of your "dream".  Life sure does throw you some curves sometimes doesn't it?

Nanette and I have probably talked more about the future in the last week than we have in the last few years combined.  Prior to this is was like the future was there but in a box so to speak.

We had some very compelling events take place over the last few days that caused us to take a breath and REALLY talk about the future.  This full timing RV thing when looked at from all angles really opens up that conversation.

The "box" that our future was in suddenly exploded and we saw possibilities that dovetailed into our picture of what we really want our life to be based on OUR picture not the "WORLD'S" picture.

Our reading and talking has us convinced that it will require not only physical changes but also mental changes.  Both of which need to be managed.

Nanette and I talked about this question  today.  If not this -- then what?

The answer is -- We know what we want -- that will not happen in our current situation.  We will continue on the treadmill -- coming in at night and wondering why we allow ourselves to continue to let others determine our happiness.

So -- from this point forward the only ones we have to blame is ourselves for not achieving our level of happiness.  We understand that health or accidents can steal that, however, the days that we are given can be taken as a gift from God and used to the fullest using the freewill he blessed us with.

All the best to you!

Ken and Nanette

A Reply That Stopped Us In Our Tracks!

xxxxxx wrote:

Certainly there is fear. Change brings fear, but change also brings growth. It keeps you alive and looking to the future rather than always looking to the past. We are all so fortunate to be in a country like ours. You are part of what makes America different from the rest of the world. We are a nation of movers and shakers. We typically do not sit around and wring our hands and say Woe is me, when things don't go our way. Americans typically get up and do something about it.

Welcome, we can always use another mover and shaker!

We LOVE what you wrote here!  Talking about inspiring?

Great -- something else for us to talk about -- we are getting hoarse today... smile

Ken and Nanette

The Date is Set...


What if I told you we set that date just 15 minutes ago? Talking about real time reporting? smile

Our "Date of Departure" is May 1st 2010! 

May 1st?  Wow -- seems kind of strange to see that in writing! 

You are exactly right -- in that 15 minutes of terror -- our minds have been swirling with all the things that need to happen to hit that date.

Now where in the world was all that stuff BEFORE we made that decision?  doh

A wild ride you say?  Connie if the few minutes since we set that day is any indicator -- it is gonna be the wildest ride we have ever taken.

Thank you for the reply!

Ken and Nanette

No Clear Vision...

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome!

Nanette and I have been setting her this morning enjoying our coffee and reading Howard and Linda's journals from the very beginning!

We have laughed so hard at times our sides hurt. Especially the parts when they first picked up their RV -- realizing they were really on the road WITH OTHER PEOPLE! We have felt their anxiety and we have sat here and said -- "That is us!"

I would assume Howard and Linda read the forum and if you do guys...Howard your writing style and descriptive language had Nanette and I sitting right next to you and Linda. We saw ourselves in your writing -- even way back then. You really know how to create a "movie in the mind" but also to transfer the emotions associated with that movie.

This is what I was talking about in my first post. Where else would you find people -- and not just Howard and Linda -- willing to share their deepest insights and feelings regarding day-to-day life?

The threshold we are preparing to cross in our lives is one that does not offer a clear vision of what is on the other side.

However, as I said this morning -- Well...we may not know what is out there for us but...MAN! What an adventure!

Again thank you for the welcome!

Ken and Nanette

The Beginning of The Adventure

Hello Everyone!

This is Ken and Nanette here.  We are currently located in great state of Kentucky.

We are in the process of making the move to Full Time.  We have planned a very fast track to make the transition. We have read and read and read...I think our heads are just about full now. smile

Besides gathering tons of information we have been impressed with something else.

This lifestyle has a community feel all it's own.  We have read so many posts and have been taken by the amazing supportive attitude of the people on this forum and this lifestyle.  In addition, we like how freely people share their feelings and emotions as they either prepare for or are already living this way.

You know -- for us -- this has an allure all its own.  We talked about the "kind" of people that this lifestyle seems to produce as evidenced in this forum.

I think of the rat race we are in right now and all of the stresses brought on additionally by the economy.  It seems that these days it is somewhat of a hostile environment out there. (This is WHY we are making the move by the way.)

Nanette and I are tired of living our life based on circumstances and now choose to live our life based on purpose.  This lifestyle, we believe, has this at the core of its existence.

Then we find this forum...

This may be hard to explain but this lifestyle is evidenced by the community here.  We "see" the personalities through the posts and you can tell a lot from that.  We can tell a lot about the makeup of the people here as they share not only their happiness but also their challenges and fears.  This free sharing is what really got our attention.

We realize there are all kinds of people in all that you do -- some good and some not so good.  In this case though there seems to be a core set of beliefs associated with this lifestyle. 

In other words -- quality over quantity -- having the right priorities -- understanding there is a bigger picture out there to be a part of instead of having the picture revolve solely around you.

These attributes have told us something about why people have done this.  We think part of it is to satisfy these core beliefs.

Well...our journey begins...the planning...dumping...having that scared feeling...then that feeling of the limitless possibilities and exhilaration...the "head and heart" thing...the what ifs and whens...and so on.

We have always believed it is about the journey and not the destination. We are simply going to change the ground rules of the journey.

Thanks to all of you...we intend to post some questions although I am not sure many more could be asked from what we have seen.  We also want to become part of this community and contribute as we go along.

Ken and Nanette