Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Beginning of The Adventure

Hello Everyone!

This is Ken and Nanette here.  We are currently located in great state of Kentucky.

We are in the process of making the move to Full Time.  We have planned a very fast track to make the transition. We have read and read and read...I think our heads are just about full now. smile

Besides gathering tons of information we have been impressed with something else.

This lifestyle has a community feel all it's own.  We have read so many posts and have been taken by the amazing supportive attitude of the people on this forum and this lifestyle.  In addition, we like how freely people share their feelings and emotions as they either prepare for or are already living this way.

You know -- for us -- this has an allure all its own.  We talked about the "kind" of people that this lifestyle seems to produce as evidenced in this forum.

I think of the rat race we are in right now and all of the stresses brought on additionally by the economy.  It seems that these days it is somewhat of a hostile environment out there. (This is WHY we are making the move by the way.)

Nanette and I are tired of living our life based on circumstances and now choose to live our life based on purpose.  This lifestyle, we believe, has this at the core of its existence.

Then we find this forum...

This may be hard to explain but this lifestyle is evidenced by the community here.  We "see" the personalities through the posts and you can tell a lot from that.  We can tell a lot about the makeup of the people here as they share not only their happiness but also their challenges and fears.  This free sharing is what really got our attention.

We realize there are all kinds of people in all that you do -- some good and some not so good.  In this case though there seems to be a core set of beliefs associated with this lifestyle. 

In other words -- quality over quantity -- having the right priorities -- understanding there is a bigger picture out there to be a part of instead of having the picture revolve solely around you.

These attributes have told us something about why people have done this.  We think part of it is to satisfy these core beliefs.

Well...our journey begins...the planning...dumping...having that scared feeling...then that feeling of the limitless possibilities and exhilaration...the "head and heart" thing...the what ifs and whens...and so on.

We have always believed it is about the journey and not the destination. We are simply going to change the ground rules of the journey.

Thanks to all of you...we intend to post some questions although I am not sure many more could be asked from what we have seen.  We also want to become part of this community and contribute as we go along.

Ken and Nanette


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

I am soooo glad you started your blog now with the posts you had in the RV Dreams forums. We are soooooo happy to have met you and enjoy following your full time adventure now in blog format. It will be amazing for you to come back here, years later, and read how it all began!

Karen and Steve

Ken and Nanette said...

Thank you Karen!

We have received a lot of emails about all the posts from the forum we added.

We are thrilled that people are finding value in what we wrote as it was happening.

You and the others that suggested we get them on here were absolutely right!

Ken and Nanette